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Stories of the Prophets: Exemplary Patience of Prophet Ayub (PBUH)

Prophet Ayub (peace be upon him) is famous for his great patience for which he was praised by Allah Almighty. The Quran provides a brief account on this noble Prophet and records the divine commendation of his forbearance. Want to hear the story? Join Sheikh Abdul Nasir Jangda as he highlights how Prophet Ayub sets an example …

Am I Failing the Patience Test by Feeling Sad?

Am I Failing the Patience Test by Feeling Sad?

Assalamu Alaykum Dear Sister, Thank you so much for sending this question and for contacting Ask About Islam. Your question is very important indeed. We need to clarify a few matters here. Allah Created Life as a Test Allah created life to test us and test our true faith to Him. As He said: Blessed …

Practical Tips for Contentment and Happiness

How to Be of the Patient?

When our focus ceases to be solely on ourselves and our pride and ego, patience is easier to manifest. And this is how we can be true believers.

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