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Americans Flee Trump Land to Canada, New Zealand

The Canadian main immigration website crashed early on Wednesday, November 9, while New Zealand reported increased traffic to its website for residency visas from US nationals in the hours before Donald Trump surged to victory in the US presidential election.

Muslims Are Success Story: Aussie Leaders

Australian Muslim and multicultural leaders have vehemently criticized a recent poll on Muslim immigration as playing into the hands of anti-immigrants politicians, stressing that the members of the religious minority are a success story in the country.

Trump Maintains Harsh Immigration Policy

In a much anticipated speech on immigration, Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump maintained his hard-line stance, vowing “no amnesty” for undocumented migrants living in the US and promising to build a border wall that Mexico would pay for.

Developing a Loving and United Community

The companions used to compete in doing good works but this was a spirit of competition that differed greatly from what we know today; it was marked with the spirit of altruism, readiness to sacrifice and humility.

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