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Angel Gabriel Asks Prophet Muhammad About Faith

Angel Gabriel Asks Prophet Muhammad About Faith

One of the important and famous hadiths in the Sunnah is the hadith of Gabriel (peace be upon him). In this hadith, `Umar ibn Al-Khattab (may Allah be pleased with him) recounts an interesting incident:  An unknown man approached the Prophet and asked the Prophet a number of questions. Interestingly, he confirmed the answers as …

Ihsan is The Shortest Way to Allah

Ihsan - The Shortest Way to Allah

The utmost motivation for your good deeds is to gain Allah’s Mercy, for it is the ultimate Divine Bestowal. Allah’s Mercy upon you means that you are spiritually stable, happy, secured, satisfied, wise, and that you have a disciplined household, a pious wife and dutiful children.

What is Your Highest Purpose in Life?

What is Your Highest Purpose in Life?

What is this life? Who determines the Ultimate Reality? Who is more real? Us or God? Our reality is a dependent reality. We are only in existence because Allah created us. We should not settle for empty rules and robot-like prayers, checking them off our to-do list.

Allah Loves Excellence

Ihsan, or doing good things in the most perfect manner, is one of the things praised and recommended by Allah Almighty and Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him). Join Sheikh Yaser  Birjas in this beautiful talk about the virtue of Ihsan and its significance in Islam.

7 Hints Help Us in Our Journey of Becoming Better Muslims

7 Hints Help Us in Our Journey of Becoming Better Muslims

When we reach “Ihsan”, the level of real goodness in our lives, everything we do is for Allah’s sake – and people will see it! There are some people we meet in life who have a big impact on us because they are such good people. As Muslims, we strive each day to become like those people.

7 Things the University of Ramadan Taught Me

Being good while everything is rosy is easy. The test of good manners is when we are under stress, when people are rude to us or when it is not so easy. Ramadan is that time of the year when unleashing our anger, irritability and displeasure is so easy.

I Want to Convert to Islam But...

Becoming Better Muslims

Being Muslim means more than knowing the correct way to perform ablution or the correct postures to use in prayers. New Muslims need to be aware of the progress they can continue to make in their spiritual journey within Islam.

Quranic Maxims – 4 Meanings of Excellence (Ihsan)

Quranic Maxims - 4 Meanings of Excellence (Ihsan)

Here we will ask ourselves a serious question, indeed a painful one: When people look at the Muslim societies today, would they say to us “indeed we see you as muhsineen? When they look towards the Muslim communities living as minorities…

Ibn `Atta' on Ascending Levels of Worship (Pearls of Wisdom)

In his well-known book, Al-Hikam (Words of Wisdom), sheikh Ahmad Ibn `Ataa’illah As-Sakandari says: Allah diversified the acts of worship for you because He knows how quickly you get bored. And He did not permit you certain acts of worship at certain times so you do not go to extremes. The objective is to perfect your prayers …

I Married My Wife Only to Please My Mom

I Married My Wife Only to Please My Mom

Answer: As-Salamu ‘Alaikum Brother, Based on your sharing, it seems you have been feeling that your relationship “failed” since the first year. Unfortunately, your decision of getting married was based on your mother and your wife’s relationship, and you neglected your own needs during this process. Yes, you wanted to please your mother; however, you …

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