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Islamic Convention Opens Thursday in Chicago

The 16th Annual MAS-ICNA Convention, one of the largest and most diverse Islamic conventions in North America, will kick off in Chicago on Thursday, December 28, to discuss the challenges facing American Muslims and their strive to build a better future.

Atlanta Muslims Invite Community to Friendly Dialogue

Muslims in Atlanta will open their doors next Saturday to welcome their neighbors, in the third consecutive year of the event planned to clear up misconceptions about the Muslim community and counter rising hate crimes.

US Muslims Urge Compassion in Trump Era Islamophobia

Speakers at the Islamic Circle of North America’s South Central Convention held Nov. 24-26 in Houston, Texas, didn’t mince words when describing the state of Muslims living in America during the presidency of Donald Trump.

ICNA Muslim Doctors Head to Puerto Rico

A group of Muslim doctors left for Puerto Rico on Sunday, October 22, donating their skills and time to the Caribbean island where many people are still suffering after Hurricane Maria.

Faith, Charity Drive Muslim Relief Workers

Motivated by their desire to help their neighbors and fulfill the key Islamic tenet of charity, Muslim volunteers were always present when hurricane Harvey and Irma bettered US states of Texas and Florida.

Mosques Shelter Hurricane Harvey Victims

As Texas’ biggest church closed doors during Hurricane Harvey, dozens of mosques welcomed people of all faiths to its facilities, sheltering those forced to leave their homes devastated by hurricane floods and rain.

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