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Romantic love

Moments of Romantic Love Between the Prophet & Aisha

In the first instance, people may think that a Muslim woman is a victim of man and society. Let us see how Islam valued woman and protected her from being a commodity that could be sold and bought, let us see how Prophet Muhammad was a women rights hero in the Arabian Peninsula. In the …


One Question that Could Save Your Marriage

“Who knew marriage could be so difficult?” asked Sara: “One day you’re this care-free woman, pretty selfish and self-indulgent. Next you have a roomie – and one that is supposed to share that room with you for the rest of your life!” “We were living on top of each other,” she added, “Everyone has disagreements …


Honey, Please Stand in My Shoes

When you suddenly find your wife talking about the future of your relationship at 2:00 am, while she should be normally sleeping, don’t question her sanity but just remember how men and women differ when it comes to emotions. Many marital problems and misunderstandings stem from the fact that men and women generally feel and …


For Spouses: It Takes Two to Communicate (Watch)

Most of us know that good communication is the basis for a successful marriage. But we often forget that communication is also non-verbal. paying attention to our spouses, being aware of what’s important to them and positive body language can have a profound impact on our partners. Watch this video by Marriagesuccess and know more about …


How Do You Express Your Needs to Your Spouse?

No matter what stage you are at in your marriage you can benefit from the information given by Haleh Banani. She will give you the necessary tools to improve your marriage by answering some of the most frequently asked questions. Haleh Banani has a Master degree in Clinical Psychology with 20 years of experience working …


On Muslims, Sex and Dead Bedrooms

Should we really talk about sex? Why do some Muslims still shy away from discussing sex and intimacy issues? Why do some couples accept and surrender to a very boring relationship instead of trying to make it enjoyable? Is it our religion that prohibits such discussions and allows us a very tight space of pleasure …


You Were a Spouse Before You Became a Parent

Escapism is officially defined as: Es·cap·ism (-skpzm) n. The tendency to escape from daily reality or routine by indulging in daydreaming, fantasy, or entertainment. *** He arrives home at 8:30 p.m, exhausted from the day’s work. As he shuts the front door gently, she hears him enter, totally engrossed in the latest plot twist of the …

Married couple

For Married Couples: Looking Beyond Date Nights

In the book 7 Stages of Marriage: Laughter, Intimacy, and Passion, the authors note that, due to jobs, kids, TV, the Internet, hobbies, and home and family responsibilities, the average married couple spends just four minutes a day alone together. Married couples with children will often lament that spending time together as a couple can …

First Year of Marriage: Is It Complicated?

The beginning of the sacred union of marriage is marked with many bittersweet moments for the newlywed bridal couple. The new husband and wife cascade through the usual outward rituals: the nikah ceremony, the post nikah banquets, the greetings, dua’s and endless hugs from close kin. The incessant showering of gifts; childlike enthusiasm, and euphoria …

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