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Crazy starving Muslim

That Crazy Starving Muslim!

When my Lithuanian classmate who sat next to me asked whether I wanted to have lunch one day, I explained to her I was fasting and that it was the month of Ramadan. She gave me a sarcastic smile and said, ‘Well, you crazy people can starve all you want!’ On the way back home, …

10 Benefits of Hunger – The Fifth is the Greatest Benefit

10 Benefits of Hunger – The Fifth is the Greatest Benefit

The stomach’s desire is the source of all other desires. When the stomach is full, other designers are activated. Thus, to control the desires of the body and prevent diseases of the heart, one must address its route cause and break the desire of the stomach…

Part 2: How Islam Fights Hunger (30 Verses & Hadiths)

These 5+ Hadiths Show How Islam Fights Hunger

Analyzing the problem and coming up with suitable plans and policies is an essential role that the state is responsible for. In Surat Yususf, Allah recounts the action plan offered by Prophet Yusuf to the governor of Egypt to weather an expected famine.

How Islam Fights Hunger (30 Verses & Hadiths)

How Islam Fights Hunger (30 Verses & Hadiths)

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 World hunger is on the rise: the estimated number of undernourished people increased from 777 million in 2015 to 815 million in 2016 (FAO) The causes of the problem are multiple and the work needed to eradicate it is enormous. Islam has much to offer in this …


The Pangs of Hunger – Charity and Prayers for Those Facing Starvation

Four years of my childhood, between 1983 and 1987, were spent in Sudan. As part of an expatriate family, I lived a rather sheltered and idyllic life revolving around family, school and my beloved pet goat, Billy. Yes, pet goat — you heard that right. In between all of this, however, came the great Ethiopian-Sudanese famine of 1983. The …

As we round the first third of Ramadan,

#Instagramadan 11: More Than Hungry and Tired

There are two realities to every action that we do: the outer and the inner. Ramadan is full of moments that appear one way externally, but can be deficient internally. As we round the first third of Ramadan, be cautious not to fall into the routine of fasting and praying without asking yourself what are …

Part 3: How Islam Fights Hunger (30 Verses and Hadiths)

Part 3: How Islam Fights Hunger (30 Verses and Hadiths)

In Part One of this series, we have read Qur’anic verses and hadiths that encourage work and production, prohibit wasting of resources, and maintain food security. Part Two has featured the Qur’anic verses and hadiths that appreciate plantation and explore the duties of the states in fighting hunger. This part will focus on social solidarity …


American Muslims to Fight Hunger This Ramadan

Muslims have been long speculated to be collectively donating more money than any other groups (religious or not). From simple acts of neighborly kindness and regular involvement in Mosque activities to establishing international non-profit organizations, the ways and means with which Muslims choose to give their time are a staggering scope. Islamic Relief USA is …

Social Solidarity & Social Justice in Islam

Islam and Muslims have a lot to offer. Muslims should support oppressed people with all possible means. At times of crisis, Muslims should leave out differences of faiths and make a contribution for positive change for a better future for all of society.

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