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Healing Power of Kindness (Infograph)

Kindness is a behavior marked by ethical characteristics, a pleasant disposition, and concern for others. It is known as a virtue, and recognized as a value in many cultures and religions.

Help Famine Victims in Yemen & Somalia

Help Famine Victims in Yemen & Somalia

More than 23 million people are facing the risk of famine in Yemen and Somalia, according to figures by the United Nations. Aid agencies estimate that a total of 6.8 million people in Yemen are deemed to be in a state of emergency – one step from famine on the five-point integrated food security phase classification (IPC), …

Famine Kills Hundreds as Drought Ravages Somalia

Famine Kills Hundreds as Drought Ravages Somalia

According to, at least 6.2 million people in Somalia — or just about half the country — are grappling with the prospect of an acute food shortage due to deepening drought. The Somali Prime Minister, Hassan Ali Khaire, and the Somali National Drought Committee, announced that over a two-day span, at least 110 people …

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Muslim Volunteers Champion Efforts to Rebuild Mosul Church

In an inspiring show of interfaith cooperation, a group of 30 volunteers, mainly Muslims,  are championing a clean-up operation in areas captured from ISIL militants in Iraq’s northern  city of Mosul. The young volunteers are clearing the debris of destroyed buildings in Mosul’s Drakziliya neighbourhood, on the left bank of the Tigris River, after Iraqi forces …


Muslim Groups Are Organizing a Walk for Gaza Children

In an effort to help Palestinian children in the Gaza Strip, a group of Muslim activists are organizing a walk to draw attention to the plight of Israel-blockaded territory, where nearly two million people are living in miserable living conditions. According to Muslim Hands, over half a million Palestinian refugees in Gaza live in eight …

3 Levels of Struggle

3 Levels of Struggle

Beyond the worldly and not just in the worldly sense but in the otherworldly sense. Islam asks us to make a struggle at the level of the individual… I have to fight my nafs, I have to fight Satan, I have to fight my laziness, I have to fight my anger…

Standing Rock

Why Standing Rock Is a Muslim Issue?

“And We have made from water every living thing.”  [Al-Anbiya: 30] #IStandWithStandingRock #NoDAPL #MniWiconi What do all these hashtags mean? It is difficult to browse social media these days without coming across a reference to the Standing Rock Reservation and the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL). But what is actually happening? Why should we, as Muslims, …

Earth's religions

Religion in Humanity’s Timeline

Small groups of hunter-gathers that lack an incest taboo will be plagued by the ills of inbreeding; therefore exogamy in mating will be selected for.

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