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Remembering Syrian Refugees on Eid

Editor’s Note: This post was first published in 2016. However, since the Syrian war is still on going and the crisis of Syrian refugees is still worsening everyday, we find it important to highlight this post and remind people of their vulnerable fellow Muslims who need their help. The festival of Eid al- Fitr …

Zakat and Sadaqa

The Hand That Gives: Etiquette of Zakat and Sadaqa

The Quran and hadith offer Prophetic guidance regarding the dispersal of our charity and zakat in person, not by proxy. This enables us to better understand the people we’re helping, know how the money is being put to use, and offer more than just cash. It’s important to have conversations with those we’re aiming to …


Save the Earth: By Fasting

Fasting isn’t a new concept for people adhering to Islam. Food fasting is a common practice in many human cultures, as a part of religious practices. Ramadan is a Hijri month that requires daytime fasting; being one of the five pillars of Islam.

Muslim man

An Inspirational Muslim Gives Back by Feeding the Homeless

Humble Beginnings is a charity project  launched in 2012 by Akbar McEntyre, a social worker who was born and raised in Paterson. Akbar recently received his Master’s degree in social work from Seton Hall University, and spends his time giving back to the city of Paterson through his work at Humble Beginnings. “What makes Humble Beginnings …


The Pangs of Hunger – Charity and Prayers for Those Facing Starvation

Four years of my childhood, between 1983 and 1987, were spent in Sudan. As part of an expatriate family, I lived a rather sheltered and idyllic life revolving around family, school and my beloved pet goat, Billy. Yes, pet goat — you heard that right. In between all of this, however, came the great Ethiopian-Sudanese famine of 1983. The …


Green Up Your Ramadan: Practical Tips

The month of Ramadan is now blessing our days and most of us have a list of goals for those special occasions. Ramadan is the best time to give up bad habits and start good ones, as Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) taught us that devils are chained during this month and their power to distract and tempt us is diminished.


Why Volunteer in Ramadan?

Ramadan is truly a blessed time, a special time when we discover the reality of ourselves. For some, this is a frightening experience while it is reassuring for others. When we endure the rigors of fasting, our pretenses fall and we are more likely to see what we are really made of. This can be …


This Muslim Doctor Rushed to Save a Non-Muslim Man's Life in Brisbane

A non-Muslim contractor collapsed while working on campus. This Muslim doctor was at the campus to enroll his children, he rushed to the scene and assessed the casualty. Realising that patient’s heart had stopped beating, he started CPR. He continued the resuscitation over 5 minutes. He was joined by the school’s nurse and they continued …


30 Days - 30 Refugee Stories

Salma Hasan Ali is highlighting refugee stories throughout the month of Ramadan in her blog 30 days/30 deeds. Announcing her passionate project, Ali wrote the following post on her facebook page: “My dear friends, may I ask you to take a minute to watch this video; it’s an introduction to my ’30days30deeds’ Ramadan blog. This …

Ramadan: Allah’s Great Favor To Humanity

Ramadan: Allah's Great Favor To Humanity

Sheikh Yasir Fahmy reminds us how great Ramadan and fasting is. In the fast there is the capacity for us all to be conscious with Allah (SWT). When we get hungry during Ramadan, we tell ourselves not to eat. This means we are increasing in Taqwa each day during Ramadan because we are mindful of …

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