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We Only Have One Shot At Life

Don’t sit and waste your life. We have been created for a purpose. Be someone who contributes something to humanity. We only have one shot at life.

Do We Need Another Season of Hajj?

Do We Need Another Season of Hajj?

YES, we definitely need a Hajj season this year! By WE, I am referring to humanity; I am not talking about those who are going to Hajj, or even Muslims! The whole body of mankind is in need of this blessed gathering… You don’t believe me? Well let us take a look at the following …

Migrant Children Separated from their Parents Will Face Trauma

Migrant Children Separated from their Parents Will Face Trauma

Nearly 2,000 migrant children have been separated in the last six weeks as a result of the U.S. zero-tolerance approach to illegal border crossing. Psychologists say the sudden separation of children from their parents can lead to long-term trauma. Migrant children who endure the long journey of immigrating to the United States from their home countries, and …

US Muslim Group Ready to Host Migrant Children

US Muslim Group Ready to Host Migrant Children

Outraged by the U.S. policy of separating families suspected of illegally entering the country, the Islamic Society of Tampa Bay Area has offered to host migrant children taken away from their parents by U.S. authorities. “This immoral policy of taking babies from their parent and locking them up must stop,” Ahmed Bedier, president of United …

help the poor

10 Ways to Help the Poor and Needy

Prophet Muhammad said that of the most rewarding actions in Islam is: aiding those in need, gladdening the heart of a Muslim, feeding the hungry, and helping the afflicted. He, peace and blessings be upon him, also says “Allah will aid a servant (of His) so long as the servant aids his brother.” Many Muslim …

US Migrant Children Cages - Heart-Breaking Scenes

People around the world are outraged by the US policy of separating families suspected of illegally entering the country. More than 2,300 children had been taken from their parents by US officials since President Donald Trump enforced his “zero-tolerance” immigration policy, prompting an international humanitarian outcry. Most of the children in custody are of Mexican families arrested …

world refugee day

On World Refugee Day, Let's Help Them Rebuild Their Lives

World Refugee Day is celebrated every year on 20th of June with a aim to support millions of families all over the world who have lost their homes and loved ones because of violence or war. Background The day was established by the UN General Assembly for the refugees to honor them for their courage of facing …


Green Up Your Ramadan: Practical Tips

The month of Ramadan is now blessing our days and most of us have a list of goals for those special occasions. Ramadan is the best time to give up bad habits and start good ones, as Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) taught us that devils are chained during this month and their power to distract and tempt us is diminished.

3 Signs of the Ultimate Mercy of Allah

3 Signs of Allah's Mercy to His Creation

The Mercy of Allah is that ethereal quality that also embodies gentleness, care, consideration, love and forgiveness. When these qualities are observable in this world, they are a mere reflection of Allah’s mercy towards His creation.


Why Volunteer in Ramadan?

Ramadan is truly a blessed time, a special time when we discover the reality of ourselves. For some, this is a frightening experience while it is reassuring for others. When we endure the rigors of fasting, our pretenses fall and we are more likely to see what we are really made of. This can be …

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