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Purple Impression, Fashion with a Human Touch

Purple Impression, Fashion with a Human Touch

This clothing brand is the first Muslim ethical and sustainable brand. They’re called Purple Impression and they dedicated their brand to meaningful fashion. Fashion is the second most polluting industry after oil. And it’s also the most exploitive when it comes to worker’s rights,taking the lives of 1,134 people in 2013. That’s why Purple Impression …

Facts about International Earth Day

Facts about International Earth Day

Being stewards of the Earth, it is the responsibility of Muslims to care for the environment in a proactive manner. There is a definite purpose behind the creation of different species, be it plants or animals.

“God Particle” From Islamic Perspective

“God Particle” From Islamic Perspective

In July 2012 physicists at the world-renowned laboratory “Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory” (Fermilab) announced that they got closer to proving the existence of the vague subatomic particle called “Higgs boson”. These subatomic particles, symbolized as H0, form one piece of a class of subatomic particles called Bosons which includes the Photons; “the elementary particle of …

Your Smile Tells a lot About Your Health

Your Smile Tells a lot About Your Health

Modern dentistry has made mending teeth a common and relatively easy thing. You get a cavity, you head out to the dentist and it gets fixed. A tooth breaks and it can be easily replaced. But teeth trouble goes well beyond what the dentist can do for them because they say more about your overall …

Natural Cures for Schizophrenia

Sigmund Freud said, “Psychoanalysis is not suitable for such diseases as schizophrenia and successful treatment will be found to be biochemical.” Some scientists and physicians, however, seem to have misunderstood the word “biochemical.” In the 1950’s, painful and typically ineffective insulin injections, barbiturates, morphine, and electro-convulsive therapy were used for schizophrenic patients. Modern medications are …

Best Weight Loss Plan for You

Today it seems that a female rite of passage is dieting. So much of a female’s worth, right or wrong, is tied to how others perceive her and her own idea of body image. Let’s face it; we all want to look and feel good about ourselves. Yet, many fad diets and diet drugs are …

How to Naturally Detoxify Your Body?

These days, detoxification seems to be a catch all phrase for curing whatever ails you. Popular magazines are plastered with many suggestions on the proper way to detoxify, many of which are irresponsible. This is not to say that the need for detoxification is a hoax. On the contrary, the world we live in today …

Knowing More About Human Psyche: Part 3

As we continue identifying the personality of temperaments. We will now discuss the remaining melancholic and phlegmatic individuals. The Melancholic Melancholic individuals are typically self-conscious, easily embarrassed, and may be timid, or bashful. They may perhaps be confident, yet reclusive. They avoid talking before groups; when obliged to, they find it difficult. They are attentive …

Personality of Temperaments: Part 2

Possessing knowledge of the different temperaments really enables us to bear with our fellow human beings more patiently. When we are able to realize that much of what we may consider as “defects” in others is really a consequence of the temperament that Allah has bestowed upon them, we can excuse them more readily and …


Natural Cures for Depression

Natural cures for depression succeed largely because they “dig deep” for the actual source of the problem and then try to “uproot it.”

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