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Houston Mosques Open Doors To Flood Victims

Houston Mosques Open Doors To Flood Victims

Houston mosques opened doors to flood victims after Hurricane Harvey. People from all faiths came to donate & both they and Muslims were surprised at how friendly each other were!

In Houston, `Eid Comes With a Flurry

When `Eid Al-Fitr arrives, it brings with it a flurry. A dazzling array of colorful and distinctly ethnic garb, bright and bursting in the intense Houston, Texas, sun.

Houston Muslims Prepare for Ramadan Challenge

For Muslims around the world, preparing for the long days that mark a summer Ramadan means gathering food for suhoor and iftar, planning menus, teaching children the true meaning of fasting, and ensuring one’s own fast and spiritual journey during this most holy of months is fulfilling and rewarding.

Texans Rally to Support Islamic Center

Dozens of Texans gathered at Houston Islamic Da’wah Center to show support to the local Muslim community and counter a hate rally against the recently inaugurated privately-funded Islamic library.

Houston Islamic Library Opens to Public

As part of a larger goal to offer a comprehensive educational resource to Houston residents, the Library of Islamic Knowledge has open its doors to public, to serve the public regardless of their faith.

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