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10 Steps to Go Deeper with God

Knowledge without an open heart and spirit is like any other topic. The love, fear and hope in God must penetrate the deepest part of the soul.

Bygones Are Bygones...Today Is All You Have

Bygones Are Bygones...Today Is All You Have

The greatest expectation and the ultimate hope of all people in this world is to lead a happy easy life. Indeed, seeking happiness has occupied most of the philosophers’ and thinkers’ minds but, actually, very few are those who have reached this happiness and achieved comfort in life. Therefore, this is a good recipe for …

The Story of Prophet Muhammad and the Alcoholic

It was the Prophet’s way to point out the good qualities of those who sinned and fell into error… The Prophet’s approach, by contrast, inspires virtue. When reminded of `Abdullah’s frequent drunkenness, he boasted of that man’s possessing the greatest virtue of loving Allah and His Messenger.

On Repentance and Hope

Ibn `Ataa' on Repentance and Hope

In his well-known book, Al-Hikam (Words of Wisdom), sheikh Ahmad Ibn `Ataa’illah As-Sakandari says: “If you find yourself having less hope in God when you make a mistake, then realize you are only relying on your work, not on God’s Mercy” When I have an intention to commence on a spiritual journey to God, I …

Never Despair! Allah's Mercy Is Always There

Never Despair! Allah's Mercy Is Always There

“When Allah created creation, He wrote words that were placed at His throne. They said, “My mercy will prevail over my anger.” (Al-Bukhari) Knowing that the mercy of Allah will prevail over His anger is reason never to lose hope. When we are overcome, we should remember that all is never lost. If you ever think …

How to Handle the Pain of Unrequited Love

Having Hope in a Better Tomorrow

What tools can we use to develop hope in the future? The main tool is to develop a closer relationship with God; to learn more about Him, develop and strengthen links with Him and turn to Him for support and guidance. This can be done through reading the Quran and reading…

Hijabi Pakistani Skis With One Leg

A Pakistani girl who lost a leg in earthquake will be one of the competitors in Winter Park Ski Resort in Colorado, choosing hope after a devastating disaster that took the lives of 80,000 people and changed her life forever.

How We Insult Allah Without Knowing

Who are you? And what are all of your sins compared to the mercy of Allah? Have you limited the mercy of Allah such that you believe you alone, in one lifetime can commit so many sins that Allah can not forgive? This is the highest of insult…

What to Say When Depressed and Worried? One Dua

Feeling down in the dumps, depressed, having the blues… These are just some of the terms used to describe a feeling of hopelessness and despair that can hit even the most positive of us at some point in our lives. However when sadness, gloom and unhappiness becomes a permanent mark of our lives…

Hope & Trust of Prophet Muhammad

This can’t be happening. A door closes. Then another. And yet, another. A series of expectations, anticipated with great optimism, just don’t come to fruition. It doesn’t only happen to you- it has happened to the Prophet Muhammad, as well…

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