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Muslim Charity Hands Out Winter Clothes to Montreal's Homeless

With an extreme cold weather in many regions of Quebec, a Muslim charity program is distributing winter clothes to homeless people in Montreal and Quebec City. Islamic Relief Canada, whose mission is to provide emergency relief to communities hit by disasters, said that low temperatures put the lives of homeless people in danger. It’s the first time …

British Muslim Saves Homeless Man, Offers Him Job

BIRMINGHAM – A British Muslim man has changed the life of a Birmingham homeless man, offering him a job and saving him from street life and drugs. “I saw Kriss [Wilkes] on the street right outside the garage when I used to finish work,” Shezad Zaman told Birmingham Mail. “He would be collecting money by …

Texas Muslims Reach out to Homeless

Racing to help the homeless as winter storms blow, Muslim volunteers in North Texas city of Richardson assembled and handed out hygiene kits for the homeless as part of a leading charity’s efforts.


"Streets Are My Home"

What goes through your mind when you pass them on the street? Many of us who are lucky enough to have a dinner ready after coming home from school, a comfortable bed to lie in at night, and parents who support us financially, probably wouldn’t understand what it feels like to spend the coldest night …

Year After Shooting, Quebec Mosque Helps Homeless

One year after the fatal shooting that resulted in the death of six Muslim worshippers, the Islamic center in Quebec, Montreal, joined a national campaign to help the homeless facing freezing winter weather.

Muslim Heroes Helped Birmingham Homeless in 2017

A group of Muslim volunteers helped feed thousands of Birmingham homeless in 2017, as part of their efforts to help their community, which included collecting rubbish and campaigning against speeding.

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