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Solar System

Who's Been Where in the Solar System? (Infograph)

The Holy Qur’an encourages human beings to be knowledgeable; “Indeed, in the creation of the heavens and the earth and the alternation of night and day are signs for those of understanding.” [Surat ‘al Imran: 3:190].


Telomere, Ageing & Cancer: Islamic Perspective

They now believe that ageing can be slowed down or reversed through manipulating the length of Telomere, the antidote for cancer may lie in activating telomerase, and chronic, age-related diseases can be kissed goodbye very soon.


Does the Qur'an Encourage Science?

This was the first order from Allah to the last prophet to mankind, Mohamed (may the peace and blessings of Allah be upon him), to imply the very strong relationship between knowledge and religion.

Time Relativity

Time Relativity in the Qur’an

Asking this question would strangely generate different replies. A rushing answer will be “Yes”, but an educated person is supposed to ask for further clarification. Does the question refer to the day on Earth or on another celestial body?

Modern World

Noble Qur'an Amid Digital World

In modern times we have become accustomed to living on our own as if God didn’t exist. Many people feel that religion is no longer relevant, and that ancient books of religious teachings have been replaced by modern books of science and progressive thinking.

What Is The Holy Quran?

Here is a great video to share with non-Muslims wishing to know more about Islam. What is the holy Quran? What do Muslims believe in, take a look!.


Biological Miracle of Our Movements

When someone moves from one place to another, lifts something, or does a certain physical work, what is the secret behind such movement or motion?

Surat Al-Hadid

Signs of Surat Al-Hadid

Surat Al-Ḥadid is the 57th surah of the Quran. It’s found in the Juzʼ number 27. Hadid in Arabic means ‘Iron’. This surah contains 29 verses, four Rukus, 575 words and 2,475 letters.


Adoption & Pre-Adoption Genetic Testing

In the time of the Prophet, children were adopted but still retained the name of their birth parents. This wisdom, passed to Muhammad (PBUH) in a revelation, allowed the child to be cared for by his new adoptive parents but still retain a connection to his origin as well as any pertinent medical or family information he needed.

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