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How Did Hajj Look Like in the Old Days (Watch)

Today’s hajj is very different from hajj in the past. Everything has vastly changed; from how the holy cities looked like to transportation facilities. These photos of hajj date back to 1953. Many of you may not have been born when these pictures were taken. Enjoy watching these interesting pictures and realize how lucky we …


Hajj Hospitality through the Ages

Makkah’s first permanent houses were built around the Ka’bah and did not have doors as an indication to pilgrims that they were welcome to make themselves at home among a people who considered themselves privileged to host them — the living epitome of the Arab greeting ‘ahlan wa sahlan.’[1] Hospitality before Islam Even in the pre-Islamic …

Queen Victoria

Story of Queen Victoria and Abdul: History's Surprises Never End

Throughout the ages society has tended to be functional, particularly amongst the ruling class, where sense of duty to one’s nation is given priority over the way one feels. So when love, the bond which brings joy to the life of so many, finds a way through, it often manifests itself in ways that are …

The Historic Hajj of Mansa Musa, King of Mali

King Mansa Musa is famous for his Hajj journey, during which he stopped off in Egypt and gave out so much gold that the Egyptian economy was ruined for years to come. Mansa Musa was the great-great-grandson of Sunjata, who was the founder of the empire of Mali. His 25-year reign (1312-1337 CE) is described …


Isfahan, The City That Was Once Called “Half The World”

Isfahan is Iran’s third largest city and number-one tourist destination, with an impressive history and outstanding architecture. The city that was once called ‘Isfahan nasf-e jahan’ which literally means ‘Isfahan is half the world’. A rhyming proverb that is justifiable. It was one of the largest cities in the world and had been given the honor to …


The Story Behind the Srebrenica Massacre

“Not Allah, not the United Nations, not anything can help you. I am your God. “These were the words uttered by Bosnian Serb commander Ratko Mladicas he boarded a bus carrying Bosnian Muslims from Srebrenica to Serb held territories for mass execution. Mladic’s trial formally started in the Hague in 2012 for committing crimes against …

masjid Toronto

Masjid Toronto Organizes a Family Day on the History of Muslims in Canada

This weekend, Masjid Toronto is Organizing a Family Day , hosting Hassam Munir, editor in chief at ihistory.co. to talk about the history of Muslims in Canada. The announcement on the masjid’s website reads: It’s time for families to meet, learn, and socialize at Masjid Toronto. All families and individuals are welcome to enjoy this good …

Voltaire, Rousseau and Napoleon on Prophet Muhammad

Voltaire, Rousseau and Napoleon on Prophet Muhammad

Voltaire, Rousseau, Henri de Boulainvilliers and Napoleon all commented on Prophet Muhammad. The Enlightenment in France had changed the way they thought of him. Islamic scholars have traditionally categorized the enemies of Islam during the time of Prophet Muhammad (salAllahu alayhi wa sallam) into two categories. The first are those who vehemently opposed Islam, to …


Remembering the First Muslims in Canada

It is unknown when Muslims first arrived and settled in the space that is now called Canada, but it certainly didn’t happen as recently as is often believed. Even the evidence that we do have suggests that Muslims have been making Canada their home since 1851, more than a decade before the country itself was …

Who is the Companion who Spread Islam in China?

Who is the Companion who Spread Islam in China?

Sa’d later settled in Guangzhou and built the Huaisheng Mosque which was an important event in the history of Islam in China. It is reputedly the oldest surviving mosque in the whole of China and is over 1300 years old. It survived through several historical events which inevitably took place outside its door step.

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