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Egyptian Seeks to Be First Hijabi to Climb Everest

CAIRO – An Egyptian Muslim pharmacist is striving to become the first hijabi Arab woman to climb Mount Everest, overcoming social and cultural challenges to fulfill her life dream. “In every exploratory expedition I go to, I am often the only veiled Arab among all the women, and the reaction is like ‘Oh my God!’ …

Hijabi Fulfills Life Dream on US National TV

ILLINOIS – A hijabi American Muslim has made history in the US after she was hired as a full-time TV news reporter on a mainstream television news station, according to the western Illinois station. “I didn’t kind of have anyone who looked like me on TV, so I never really thought it was a possibility,” …


On Hijab : Reflections, Fashion, Stories and More

Marking World Hijab Day, we bring you a collection of interesting reads about Hijab. We hope you’ll enjoy it! Why Does My Daughter Hate Her Hijab? These were the words of one young girl when asked how she feels about the hijab. At the tender age of 15, she is fighting the uphill struggle …

When A Friend Takes Off Hijab

When A Friend Takes Off Hijab!

In this video,  Melanie answers the question, “What do you do when a friend takes off hijab?” This is a topic many people feel uncomfortable talking about and whenever issues of hijab are brought up (particularly when hijab is removed) there’s almost immediate push-back and the conversation spirals in a non-productive manner. Something needs to be done …


A Hijabi's Guide to Packing for a Weekend Getaway!

I’ve packed a suitcase enough times that I’ve basically got it down to a science. Break your packing down into sections to help you stay organized (and sane! yes… I hate packing just like the rest of you). Here are my how-to’s and time-saving tips for every hijabi jetsetter! 1) The Essentials – I keep …


Hijab And Inferiority Complex: Setting Myself Free

When I first ditched the headscarf, the simplest way to describe hijab, I had a sense of temporary satisfaction for I believed I was entitled to freedom of choice. Nevertheless, it was a choice against my conscience, which at the same time was fighting, for its right.

I Want to Take Off My Hijab

I Want to Take Off My Hijab

In this counseling answer: “A Muslim woman wears a hijab, she is stating that her recognition is not beauty, but rather her brain, her strength, her careers, etc. Hijab makes a statement that we are to be judged for our worth and not our appearance. Therefore, make hijab your identity, not simply an action is done …

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