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Face Veil

Is Face Veil (Niqab) Compulsory?

Short Answer: You are doing the right thing; following the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) to the letter since the wives of the Prophet (may Allah be pleased with them) used to do exactly what you did by covering their faces when they were surrounded by strangers, therefore not a permanent face cover. You are …

New Jersey Students Try Hijab for a Day

NEW JERSEY – Muslim students in New Jersey’s Ramapo College have invited their colleagues to try on hijab for one day, as part of events hosted by the Muslim Student Association to mark Women HerStory Month, Ramapo News reported. “We’re trying to bring us [hijabis] together,” said junior Rand Abdul-Razik of MSA about the event …

My Story How I Started to Wear the Hijab

Hijab is an Act of Worship - How I Came to Love it

The hijab has been a journey for me. On a daily basis I am understanding and reminded what the hijab means for me. One of the challenges was to accept wearing it in the first place. I rebelled against it for a variety of reasons, (societal standards of beauty…

Hijabi Model Transforms Melbourne Fashion Festival

Hanan Ibrahim is working for major designers as she challenges the cultural stereotypes of a Muslim woman ٍShe said she hoped to open up new avenues for other Muslim women. MELBOURNE – The runway of Melbourne Fashion Festival in Australia has featured its first hijabi Muslim model, Hanan Ibrahim, who has just started her professional …

Did You Know Women in England Used to Wear Hijab 100 Years Ago?

Did You Know Women in England Used to Wear Hijab 100 Years Ago?

The idea of modesty is always changing and evolving, especially in recent times. What some consider as “modest” today would have been scandalous a hundred years ago. For most of human history, most societies have dressed in manners that were much more modest than today. It seems only in the past hundred years or so …

Young Muslim Girls Talk on Being Hijabi in Britain

“Being a Hijabi, and a Muslim, in general, puts you under a microscope. Every move you make is being watched and judged.” Though Jumana El-Hamdoon and Khadija Meziane are not even teenagers yet, both Muslim girls have experienced the weight of being a Muslim in Britain, My London reported. As they both wear hijab, a choice …


Twenty Scarf Styles in 15 Minutes (Watch)

With the rise of hijab fashion, the young fashion bloggers have taken the social media world by storm. In this video, the half English, half Egyptian fashion blogger, Dina Torkia shows a variety of hijab styles that look very elegant. Torkia has more than 33,000 followers on Instagram and videos on Youtube that average around …

6 Facts Will Challenge Your Views on Women in Islam

6 Facts Will Challenge Your Views on Women in Islam

As I got to know this mysterious woman, who I thought had defied all the traditions of her religion and culture, I came to realize this idea of her was a part of my own misconceptions, and all the myths I had held to be true about Islam’s view and treatment of women began to fall away one by one.

A Hijab for Muslim Runners? Now Triggering Debate in France

It is just the latest controversy over the question of national identity. France has descended, yet again, into histrionics over the prospect of what Muslim women might choose to wear. PARIS — The world’s largest sporting goods retailer Decathlon exhibited on Twitter a new hijab for Muslim runners to exercise in public while adhering to …

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