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British Mosques Listed for Historic & Cultural Significance

LONDON – The British Minister of Heritage, Michael Ellis, announced on Tuesday giving a protected heritage status to two London mosques and upgrade the status of two others as a recognition of their historic, architectural, and cultural importance. “Listing the mosques preserves the importance of these worship places and celebrate the rich heritage of Muslim …

Black History Month: Black Muslims Preserve Their Legacy

NEW YORK – Every February in the US, African Americans celebrate the challenges and accomplishments of those who came before them with their fellow citizens and the world. Black History Month continues to be integral to the conservation of their identities and heritage. African American Muslim history extends from the enslavement of Muslim Africans and …

The fast-deteriorating breath-taking skyline of the old Cairo

Why am I in Love with Islamic Traditional Architecture?

It’s been 18 years since that affair had begun and chances are that the same is set to become my ideal lifelong relationship because as things stand now, both Islamic architecture and I reciprocally have so much for each other. We share so much that a separation between us seems as good as impossible indefinitely.

Humor in Muslim Heritage

Did you hear the one about the Priest, the Rabbi, and the Imam who walked in to a bar? Of course not! Imams don’t drink. Bad jokes aside, most of the non-Muslim world imagines that Muslims live humorless and austere lives, never even cracking a smile.

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