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The Turner of Hearts Turned Mine

The Turner of Hearts Turned Mine to Him

The lack of any kind of spirituality in my family caused my heart to become restless. The older I became, the heavier this restlessness impacted my whole being. I was looking, searching, screaming, crying for that restlessness to be taken away from me…

Athletes, Mind Your Hearts!

Athletes, Mind Your Hearts!

In July 1993, Reggie Lewis, the 27 years old NBA All-Star champion basketball player collapsed suddenly during a Boston Celtics practice game. He suffered from an expected cardiac failure. Korey Stringer of Minnesota Vikings was also 27 when he collapsed in August 2001 during his football training camp as a result of a sudden heart …

Spiritual Gearing Ramadan

Spiritually Gearing Up for Ramadan

The Month of Ramadan is like a gentle breeze that hastens to cool a sweltering summer night. However, just as quickly as it arrives, it bids farewell much too soon. Get ready to welcome Ramadan today, so that you can take full advantage of the blessed days and nights once it arrives.

Storm of the Heart - My Journey Towards Peace

Storm of the Heart - My Journey Towards Peace

Like everyone else, I yearned for peace. I searched for it everywhere but when I was with others, usually I’d feel its absence. People often spoke of peace but didn’t practice it or even really know how to achieve and maintain it.

4 Tips for Returning Our Hearts to Allah -

4 Tips for Returning Our Hearts to Allah

When we find ourselves lost on the journey to Allah we need to know how to help get our hearts back on track. The heart is a subtle, amazing creation of Allah, and therefore, helping it get back on the right path may not be as simple as following a few logical steps.

Combating Spiritual Diseases of the Heart

Combating Spiritual Diseases of the Heart

The diseases that can potentially afflict the heart are many. However, among them are a few that we should all be extremely wary of because of the damage they do to the heart and because of their ability to quickly cause the heart to succumb to other diseases.

4 Stages of Purity- What Level Do You Have?

4 Stages of Purity: What Level Do You Have?

The lowest level is keeping the body in clothing physically clean. 2- The next level is the purification of the body from sinful acts such as lying, adultery, and others. 3- The next level is the purification of the heart from its diseases such as envy, pride, greed, and so on.

Relieve Your Heart- Think Well of Others

Relieve Your Heart: Think Well of Others

Nothing relieves the heart and makes one happy more than thinking well of others. It protects one from the harm of worrisome thoughts that disturb his peace of mind and exhaust the body. Thinking well of others leads to a sound heart, strengthens the ties…

A Roadmap to Paradise

A Roadmap to Paradise- From Where to Start?

Like climbing a mountain, the journey to purify our hearts is not easy. Sometimes we may feel weak as we try to scale the tests and trials that we face in our lives. Sometimes we may get discouraged. But Allah has not left us in the dark.

Easy Steps for a Sound Heart

Easy Steps for a Sound Heart

How do we begin to rectify our hearts to ensure that they are in a state that is sound? The heart, just like the body, needs nourishment, and while we fuel our bodies with food, the fuel of the heart is knowledge. Thus, one of the first pieces of advice…

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