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Athletes, Mind Your Hearts!

Athletes, Mind Your Hearts!

In July 1993, Reggie Lewis, the 27 years old NBA All-Star champion basketball player collapsed suddenly during a Boston Celtics practice game. He suffered from an expected cardiac failure. Korey Stringer of Minnesota Vikings was also 27 when he collapsed in August 2001 during his football training camp as a result of a sudden heart …

Credit: Salk Institute

Genetic Anti-inflammatory Switch Turned On During Fasting

A key molecule that keeps gut bacteria in check has been discovered by a team of scientists. The study shows a molecular pathway by which the brain communicates with the gastrointestinal (GI) tract to prevent unnecessary activation of the immune system during fasting by strengthening the barrier against gut microbes.

Single Alcoholic Drink Per Day Increases Breast Cancer

Single Alcoholic Drink Per Day Increases Breast Cancer

Drinking just one glass of wine or other alcoholic drinks a day increases breast cancer risk, finds a major new report by the American Institute for Cancer Research (AICR) and the World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF). The report also revealed, for the first time, that vigorous exercise such as running or fast bicycling decreases the …

Marking the World Health Day (April 7)

Exercising Depression Away

While we all suffer the blues or down days now and then, a prolonged bout or persistent episodes of clinical depression are a whole other issue. Depression is hard not only on the depressed person but on everybody around him or her: family, friends, and even coworkers. As such, it can be one of the …

Diet & Human Behavior: Is our Food to Blame?

When young adult prisoners’ diet was supplemented with multivitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids, researchers noticed a striking reduction in their anti-social behavior, violence and aggression [1]. When school children with ADHD showing no improvement on standard drug treatment, received essential fatty acids daily for six months, parents reported significant improvement in “restlessness, aggressiveness, completing …

When It’s More Than Just Cup of Tea!

Black tea, green tea any kind of tea! Why is it that someone always offers a cup of tea at a time of stress or just plain worry? A good cup of tea does sometimes make the difference, especially if it is the right tea for the right purpose. While much is “known” by the …

It’s Called Junk and You Still Eat It

The profits of giant fast food chains hit billions of dollars every year as hungry consumers all around the world continue to line up to get hamburgers or pizzas with French fries and sodas. Fast-paced citizens of the 21st century spend their money and risk their health to eat junk. Mainly composed of fat and …

Journal of Herbalist: Healing Lungs

Journal of Herbalist: Healing Lungs

Case: Sara came to me complaining of general low energy and digestive trouble. She exercised daily, did not drink sodas or coffee, ate balanced whole food meals, was following a special diet plan for her blood type, and took expensive mineral formulas. However, she did not feel as healthy as she “should be”. She did not …

Traditional Medicine Finds Connection with Naturopathic Healing

Traditional Medicine Finds Connection with Naturopathic Healing

The traditional world of healing (naturopathic) is developing a healthy partnership with many areas of allopathic medicine (Western). One such area is the study of the role the human psyche plays in healing. After being trained in complementary medicine, Drs. Reilly and Taylor have said, “I now see the whole person and not a biochemical …


Time to Quit Smoking is Now

According to a 2006 article published in the British Medical Journal, smoking rates are generally high in Muslim countries.

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