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Herbal Doctrine of Signatures

It was reported by Abu Hurairah that the Prophet (PBUH) said, “Allah never inflicts a disease unless he makes a cure for it. …” Then surely, if this were true, Allah would have also provided a way for these cures to be known. According to the Doctrine of Signatures He (SWT) has.

Brains Clear Themselves of Toxins During Sleep

Beauty Sleep: Inside and out; Sleeping flushes out toxins from your brain – reveals a study. Once seen a waste of time considering we spend one third of our lives sleeping, scientists have been trying to wrap their head around this activity or lack of it. Over the years, a lot of revelations have been …

Hyderabad Mosque Opens Clinic for Thousands of Poor Patients

HYDERABAD – A Hyderabad mosque has opened a new clinic in its facility to help the poor from all religious backgrounds get access to medical care, Times of India reported. “The community health center at the mosque will serve as a referral link to about 30 state-run hospitals providing primary to tertiary health care,” said …

Faith-based Lifestyle Normalizes Blood Pressure: US Scientists

DALLAS, Texas – Scientists from the American Heart Association have discovered that a religious program designed to encourage people to have a healthy faith-based lifestyle has succeeded in lowering their systolic blood pressure, the association’s journal reported. “Implementation of a lifestyle program in a faith-based setting was very effective in improving blood pressure control and …

Nichola, A breast cancer survivor

A Breast Cancer Survivor Shares Her Story

On July 3rd 2013, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I was in shock and my first reaction was like.. this was going to kill me! I am a young mother, I live away from my family and I have been diagnosed with breast cancer!

My Son Is Alway Late for School

My Son Is Alway Late for School

In this counseling answer: “Explain clearly and directly to your son why it is important for him to get up in the morning on time. I’m sure you can get some ideas from others. Whatever you decide, there must be a set of boundaries drawn for your son. He’s 13 and should not be treated …


Parenting: Not What I thought It Would Be

In this counseling answer: “For better parenting, you must recognize your needs and the needs of your daughter, but that your needfs are not equal to the needs of your daughter. I have already mentioned how you can see to your needs by developing a social support network. This will help you to be more available not …

Thirst Inducing Soft Drinks

Thirst Inducing Soft Drinks

Some of us are already feeling the heat, as we flex our muscles to reach for a soft drink to quench our thirst. However, ice-cold soft drinks actually numb our taste buds to the reality that we are consuming a can or bottle of “liquid candy” containing the equivalence of seven teaspoons of sugar that …


Hajj: Medical Report to the Sultan!

Medical sciences have witnessed unprecedented developments in the past decades that have resulted in better health care systems. Last decade, the World Health Organization‘s World Health Report for the year 2000 ranked the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 26th in terms of the performance of its health care system compared to that of 190 other countries assessed …


Exhaustion and Hajj Rituals

The phenomenon of exhaustion frequently takes place in the summer or in places with high temperature such as the Holy Sites. Sometimes, it attacks the person suddenly, but it mostly be caused by the body being subjected to high temperature which, in its turn, results in losing huge amounts of sweat that contains Sodium Chloride. …

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