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Tobacco Crimes Against Non-smokers

The World Health Organization (WHO) stated in its 2007 report that nearly half the people who smoke regularly will eventually be killed by tobacco. What is very alarming, however, is that hundreds of thousands who have never lit a cigarette are also killed each year by tobacco. The culprit is passive smoking. Most smokers know …


Are Organic Foods Healthier?

In the ongoing debate about the health value of organic food, the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine has submitted a rebuttal – organic food has no nutritional benefits over ordinary food.


Parenting: Not What I thought It Would Be

In this counseling answer: “For better parenting, you must recognize your needs and the needs of your daughter, but that your needfs are not equal to the needs of your daughter. I have already mentioned how you can see to your needs by developing a social support network. This will help you to be more available not …


Science Learns the Value of Male Circumcision

A scientific discovery in 2013 explained the benefit, but not the value of circumcision. The value, as Jews and Muslims have always known, is in doing something that God wants humans to do.


My Son Is Alway Late for School

In this counseling answer: “Explain clearly and directly to your son why it is important for him to get up in the morning on time. I’m sure you can get some ideas from others. Whatever you decide, there must be a set of boundaries drawn for your son. He’s 13 and should not be treated …


Rhazes: Persian Muslim Galen

Abu Bakr Mohammed ibn Zakariya ar-Razi (born in Rey, Iran – c. 841-926) gave no early indication that he would someday be considered the greatest of all Islamic Caliphate’s physicians.


Existence of Vegetarian Muslim

The Prophet (SAW) said; “The superiority of ‘Aisha to other ladies is like the superiority of Tharid to other meals.” When one first reads the above Hadith, it appears to be non-controversial and simply honors a strong Muslim woman. However, a vegetarian reading it might have trouble accepting the fact that the Prophet himself (SAW) elevated …


Spending Eid with Your PC

Hundreds of millions of Muslims all over the world are eagerly awaiting the annual Eid festival, but the reasons for this enthusiasm are as diverse as the people themselves. While many see it as an opportunity to take stock of their activities throughout the year, reflect over their misdeeds and reposition themselves for the coming …


This Eid Start the Early Wake

A distinctive prayer performed after sunrise marks the start of Eid for Muslims around the world. What follows are four days of fun, family, feasting and holidaying, as the second of the two yearly holidays prescribed by Islam, Eid, is celebrated. Yet, launching a holiday by waking up early is definitely paradoxical to our modern …

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