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My Daughter Says " I Hate You", How to Respond?

In this counseling answer: “Your daughter is not using those words to hurt you sister, she loves you.  She is, however, using those words to get her own way or to “guilt” you into getting her own way.  As long as she thinks they affect you she will use them.   You may wish to remind her (at …

My Teen Son Hate His Father , What Do I Do?

My Teen Son Hates His Father , What Should I Do?

In this counseling answer: “I would kindly suggest that you go somewhere with your son, maybe out to lunch or for coffee.  While out, tell him how very much you love him and that you care about how he feels.  Explain to him you wish to know why he feels his father does not love …

Backbiting: Causes and Remedy

Backbiting: Causes and Remedy

Ghiebah, or backbiting, is forbidden in the Glorious Qur’an where a person who commits it is given the similitude of a person who eats the flesh of his dead brother. It is also condemned in the Sunnah. We read in a Prophetic hadith, “Verily, your blood (i.e., life), your property, and your honor are inviolable …

How Should New Muslims Deal with Racism?

How Should New Muslims Deal with Racism?

Never allow yourself to feel that racism is your fault. It isn’t. The person that is being racist is the one with the problem. The way I cope with racism now is to simply correct people politely, don’t argue and above all remember that it is a test from God, and He tests those whom He loves most…

Why Are Conversions Increasing with Terrorist Activity?

Why Are Conversions to Islam Still on the Rise?

Some of those whose conversion began with knowledge of a terrorist crime wanted to better understand how a religion could possibly be that evil. It’s an outrageous claim that isn’t easily swallowed by everyone. These people needed to find out for themselves.

Do Not Hate Non-Muslims

Do Not Hate Non-Muslims

Relax guys. The deen doesn’t teach you to hate non Muslims. This faith came to bring dignity to all human beings. Allah says: We gave respect to the children of Adam. So every child of Adam (peace be upon him) has been given respect by whom? By Allah. How do you not give them respect?

Love Overcomes Hate for Muslim New Year's Baby

A Muslim couple who received their little baby Asel only a few minutes into 2018 was greeted with a wave of racism, disgust and hate, which was soon countered by love and support messages.

Why Do People Hate Muslims?

Why Do People Hate Muslims?

Why do people make fun of Islam? Why do they insult it? Why are these cartoons being made? Why is there so much propaganda and so much hate speech towards Muslims?

The Rise Of Muslim Hate And Islamophobia

Allah warned us of deception of those who do not believe. Is that where the rise of Muslim hate and Islamophobia came from? People are being deceived into believing Islam is something completely opposite to what it is.

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