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Group Urges Canadian Muslims to Report Hate Incidents

EDMONTON – As hate crimes targeting the Muslim minority increase, a new civil rights group in Edmonton, Alberta, is encouraging Muslims to report hate incidents to authorities amid efforts to increase their sense of safety in the community. “Hate incidents happen to the Muslim community, to Muslim women, often,” said Ahmed Abdulkadir, executive director of …

Jeremy Corbyn Defends Muslim Women

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has spoken up in defense of Muslim women, condemning “vile, revolting” language used on social media, and asking Facebook and Twitter platforms to tackle racism and abuse.

Anti-Muslim Hate Crimes in UK Double in 2017

Hate crimes targeting mosques and other Muslim places of worship across the UK more than doubled between 2016 and 2017, reflecting growing sentiments against the religious minority in the west, a Press Association investigation has found.

Small Muslim Grants Push Back Hate Rhetoric

Awarding grants to small nonprofits and organizations focused on American Muslims, the Pillars fund has been gaining national attention for pushing back against anti-Muslim rhetoric.

Interfaith Love Trumps Hate in Minnesota

A mosque bombing has become a turning point for the Muslim community in Minnesota, bringing hundreds of visitors from all faiths to show support, love, and unity in the face of hate crimes targeting the minority.

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