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4 Ways to Conquer Anti-Muslim Bullying

In this counseling answer: • You should not keep it inside you and should not feel alone. • Report all bullying to an authority figure. It is the school’s and teacher’s duty to do an investigation and look into the matter. • Show minimal reaction to their bullying. Do not show the bullies that you feel hurt and …

Veiled Muslim

1 in 4 Veiled Muslim Women Attacked in NY Subway: Survey

NEW YORK – The Commission on Human Rights of New York, USA, has found that Muslims beside other religious minorities of the city have experienced widespread bias, discrimination, harassment and assaults in recent years. “27% of veiled Muslim Arab women said they have been pushed on a subway platform,” a survey conducted by the commission and …

UK Muslim Students Reveal Shocking Abuse

British Muslim schoolchildren have revealed the torrent of Islamophobic abuse they receive on a daily basis in a harrowing video shared by The Children’s Commissioner for Wales.

Muslim Vlogger Counters Harassment with Smile

An American Muslim vlogger who shares thoughts on fashion, recipes, books and religions on her YouTube channel has fallen victim to Islamophobic rhetoric, as Muslim women face increasing hate crimes in the US.

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