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Turn Your Lemons into Lemonade- Turn Calamity into Blessing

Turn Your Lemons into Lemonade- Turn Calamity into Blessing

Such power to change a calamity into a blessing is beyond the reach of those addicted to complaint and discontent, as they prove the most unsuccessful in imbuing their life with a new meaning of happiness when it is taken from them or – more correctly – is not as they like.

How the Prophet (PBUH) Beat Difficult Times

How the Prophet (PBUH) Beat Difficult Times

Difficult times are part of Allah’s laws in this universe; they are part of the tests that people go through. They are not necessarily something evil, however. A difficulty we go through, on the contrary, could be a learning experience, a reminder, purification from sins and mistakes, a test of patience and perseverance, or all …

What Does Allah Want From Me?

What Does Allah Want From Me?

Answer: As-Salamu ‘Aleikom, Thank you for your question. I’m not sure that your problem has to do with your `ibadah. You are trying to make a connection between fulfilling the requirements that Allah has put forth for us as Muslims with getting good grades. Your reasons for not getting good grades probably lie elsewhere. Perhaps …

What to Do When People Mock You

When People Mock You, Trust God & Be Focused

The beautiful message in this video by Sheikh Yahya Rhodus explains basically how to remain focused and steadfast on the path to Allah despite what people say. When we travel down that road of entertaining things that stem from other people’s unrighteousness, we are straying off the course that we are supposed to be on, …

How to Battle Difficulties with Patience?

How to Battle Difficulties with Patience

Answer: As-Salaamu ‘Alaikum dear brother, Patience, as you have correctly identified, is something that we all need, but we hardly have. In all circumstances, we must certainly have patience, but patience does not come without the complete belief and trust in Allah (swt). This is because it is our complete faith and trust in Allah …

Hardships Are Blessings - How?

It is the path that we don’t want to take that turns out to be the best for us in the long run. It is the flat tire that made us avoid getting involved in a deadly accident or the waitress bringing us the wrong order that allowed us to avoid getting food poisoning that are the blessings.

How to Overcome Difficult Times (Part 1/2)

True believers are the most patient among all human beings, the most steadfast in hard times, and the most contented in calamities. This can be understood in light of the following: Life is short They realized the shortness of this present life compared with the eternity of the hereafter and, therefore, they did not wish …

Life Difficulties

Life Difficulties Are Rewarding (15 Hadiths)

A person’s life in this world is not stable. One passes through alternating periods of happiness and dismay, strength and weakness, wealth and poverty, health and sickness, etc. A true believer is one who maintains a clear level of faith throughout the worldly fluctuations. He continues to remember Allah and ascribe the bounties to Him, …

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