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Did the Prophets Ever Sin According to Islam?

Short Answer: No. They were fallible human beings, though. Before they received revelation, it’s unclear if they sinned. But as far as afterward, it’s important to note that they did make mistakes, but those mistakes were not considered sinful because they did not intentionally disobey God. Asalamu Alaikum Ahmad,  Thank you for contacting About Islam with your question. …

Muslim Is Haram

We are not allowed to hurt or attack other Muslims and we are never allowed to called Muslims kafir, this is how wars start. We are never allowed to take the life of any human being no matter what faith.


How to Spot Professional Liars

Constantly lying can take a toll on our brain health, and even make us more susceptible to pathological lying. A study in Nature Neuroscience in 2016 found habitual lying can desensitize our brains from “feeling bad”. It may even encourage us to tell bigger lies in the future. The researchers found that when we lie for …


E-cigs Cause Rare Health Problems

It’s safer to jump out of a window five stories high, than jumping out of a window twenty stories high. That doesn’t make it safe to jump out of a window. Islamic Shari’ah forbids humans from using things that can harm them directly or indirectly; immediately or gradually that can lead to death, damage the …


Tobacco Crimes Against Non-smokers

The World Health Organization (WHO) stated in its 2007 report that nearly half the people who smoke regularly will eventually be killed by tobacco. What is very alarming, however, is that hundreds of thousands who have never lit a cigarette are also killed each year by tobacco. The culprit is passive smoking. Most smokers know …

British Muslim’s Hajj Diary: Episode 2

Dr. Asad, a British Muslim traveling to hajj this year with his sister shares his experience in umrah and hajj, as he goes through the spiritual journey along with around 2 million Muslims from across the world.

Halal Is Clear & Haram Is Clear: Roadmap for Pure Heart

Let’s think about how important this concept is. Imagine you are a student; you are walking into the classroom and the teacher is just glaring at you. You are sitting at your desk; you are waiting for her to start talking yet she is just glaring at you. You have no idea what to do; she is frustrated and indicates that you should know what she wants. But you don’t know what you are required to do: should you open page five or page ten or should you start writing a journal?

Noaman Khan

Satan is Clever... Here is One of His Tricks

That method is important to understand, and it is captured in the first expression of the verse, (Fadallahuma Bighurur). The verb dalla is used when you draw a bucket, which is called dalw in Arabic. Another related verb is adla, which means to drop a bucket down and pull it right back up. You know in the old times there is a well and you kind of crank up the water? You know, and you pull the bucket back up, this is adla.

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