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Family Problems Made Me Fell Into The Trap of a Guy

Family Problems Made Me Fell Into The Trap of a Guy

In this counseling answer: “It is not uncommon for young people to seek love outside of the family when they feel insecure within their family circle. If he threatens you again, you can tell him you have repented to Allah and you want nothing to do with him. If he chooses to disclose the pictures, …

punished for being in a haram relationship

Punished for Being in a Haram Relationship

In this counseling answer: “There is nothing to say that past haram (sinful) behaviors will definitely have a negative impact on our future actions and relations, unless, of course, we have not authentically moved past these behaviors. There is no evidence of this that I am aware of in our teachings. I think the path you are …

Between Desires & Devotion to Allah

Between Desires & Devotion to Allah

In this counseling answer: “As we all go through tests and trials, we can also learn something from them. Look within yourself dear sister to see what it is that you are missing that is causing you to do haram acts. If we dig deep enough, we all can find the root of our issues …

haram relationship

10 Tips on How to Quit Haram Relationships

 Being in a haram (disallowed) relationship is a very common problem that challenges Muslim youths nowadays. It’s very easy to engage in such relationships but to give up is the most difficult part.  Here we give you 10 tips that will help you break away and stop this Haram relationship for the sake of God.

Due to My Haram Relationship, Family Forces Me to Leave College

Due to My Haram Relationship, Family Forces Me to Leave College

In this counseling answer: “I would kindly suggest that you sit down with your parents and discuss your concerns about having to do your schooling over again. The focus should be the concern for your studies, not the boy. If you focus on the boy, they may feel you still have feelings for him. While they …

Brother-in-Law Forces Me to Continue Our Haram Relationship

In this counseling answer: “I suggest that you ask your husband if you can stay with him in the district where he lives. Tell him that you want to be close to him and that living far apart from him makes you lonely and sad.” As-Salamu ‘ Aleikum, Thank for reaching out to us for help. …

3 Years Passed but I’m Still Not Married to Him

In this counseling answer: “If people can go through the loss of a loved one at this level, then know that you can go through the loss of this three-year relationship and move on to a life you don’t feel guilty about.” Salam ’Aleikom, Thank you for writing to ask for some help to overcome …

I Feel Jealous of Haram Couples

I Feel Jealous of "Haram Couples"

As-Salamu Aleikom, Thank you for submitting your question. In this counseling video, you will learn about: Where does jealousy come from? The importance of leaving a sin behind Should you get married at the age of 18? Salam, *** Disclaimer: The conceptualization and recommendations stated in this response are very general and purely based on …

I Feel Guilty for Having a Relationship with a Married Man

In this counseling answer: “Try to feel reassured that Allah (swt) knows what is in your heart. He knows that you are truly sorry for your deeds. Sometimes the best way to deal with such situations is to be completely transparent and honest about it. In sha’ Allah, if they accept what you are saying, they will support …

Stories of Muslim Women Who Had Abortions

Zina Then Abortion: Will I Ever Be Forgiven?

In this counseling answer: What kind of a man, especially a Muslim, would leave someone he supposedly loves if she got pregnant? Please think about this “relationship” sister and re-evaluate what it is that you seek in a husband. Sister, Allah (swt) loves those who seek forgiveness. He loves to forgive. So, please continue to draw …

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