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Love in the Prophet's Home

A foremost characteristic of life in the home of the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) was love. Love is the quality most necessary to ensure happiness. When love is present, happiness is assured. The Prophet preferred a life of poverty, which was sometimes close to, if not below, the subsistence level. Yet this …

"I Have A Dream" Let Your Imagination Run Free

"I Have A Dream"... Let Your Imagination Run Free

A truly beautiful dream never dies. This is because it does not just revolve around oneself. It includes others and is not selfish. The true promise of Allah’s reward sustains our hopes even in our worldly activities, even when we know that they will not provide…


Smiling: Low Cost Medicine?

As Prophet Muhammed (peace be upon him) teaches us as Muslims, “Your smile for your brother is charity.” (Narrated ‘Aisha [The Prophet’s wife] -may Allah be pleased with her).

Do You Have a Door? (Story)

Do You Have a Door? (Inspiring Story)

Every one of us, Muslim or non-Muslim, enjoys countless blessings that Almighty Allah has bestowed on all humans. However, many people are not satisfied with these blessings, longing for more. Their big mistake is that they seek what they do not have, completely forgetting or ignoring what they have already got. In other words, they …

What is Flow? How to Get into it?

What is Flow? How to Get into it?

Firstly, the activity needs to be challenging to our capacities, and at the same time, not too difficult. Being challenging is important because if it’s too easy we’ll get bored with it. On the other hand, if the activity is too difficult, we’ll be over stressed and feel discouraged.

Do You Want To Be Happy? This Is How

Do You Want To Be Happy? This Is How!

Do you want to be happy? Then you should always look at those who are above you in religion but not in this world. You shouldn’t look to people who have more possessions than you. These will not bring you happiness.

5 Things Make You Content with Your Life

5 Things Will Make You Content with Your Life

It is in human nature to never be fully satisfied. Instead of living in the present and fully enjoying it, we moan about our problems completely disregarding the countless blessings that Allah has bestowed upon us.

How the Curse of Fast Age Affect Our Relationships

How Fast Age Curse Affects Our Relationships

The world is growing and developing very quickly. In fact, it is getting extremely hard for people to keep up with all the changes; many young people are not so sure what is expected of them. If there was one word to describe our modern age, it would be fast. People these days want fast service, …

Secret to Living a Happy Life

Secret to Living a Happy Life

Why is it that we need these three things? If you have two of them, you will not be a happy person. And this is true Islamically speaking too. But let’s look at our lives for a moment: Something to do, something to love, something to look forward to.

How to Lead a Happy Life... Manage These Three Components

To Lead a Happy Life... Manage These Three Components

How can we lead a happy life with all the challenges we go through? The three components of you: your mind, heart and body, affect your happiness immensely. For the mind, one prescription is to reconsider what you focus on. People who are problem-focused are prone to anxiety. Overthinking about one’s predicaments makes them bigger. Sister …

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