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True and complete peace can only be reached when the individuals themselves achieve internal peace. This results from Islam or the true submission to God alone.

What Really Brings True Happiness?

Knowing God is what can bring about true contentment in the soul. If the individual does not know his Creator, his soul will always be yearning for something that is missing in his life. He will always be agitated and confused…

Why Are Young Muslims So Unhappy?

Why Are Young Muslims So Unhappy?

Why are young Muslims so unhappy today? In a time full of difficulties and challenges facing Muslims almost everywhere, it is critical to pay attention to the youth’s morale and find out the real reasons behind the widespread sense of dissatisfaction. How do the ways adopted by Western Muslim parents in raising their kids exasperate …


Happiness Is… (Folder)

What makes you really happy in this life? Your big house, career, money, family…? We can find happiness in everything around us but happiness in this world is temporary and quickly passing. In Islam, real happiness is found in bonding with our creator, worshiping Him, and being grateful to Him.

Minister of Happiness

These Countries Have a Ministry of Happiness

In 2012, the United Nations (UN) declared March 20 to be observed as the International Day of Happiness. The day recognizes that happiness is a fundamental human goal, and calls upon countries to approach public policies in ways that improve the well-being of all peoples. The United Arab Emirates is the first Muslim country to …

Spirituality becomes a way to stay grounded in what is actually important and not what is just a distraction of this life.

Islamic Spirituality in the Modern World

Spirituality is comfort for the soul in an uncertain world. It becomes a way to cope with all that life throws at us. Spirituality becomes a way to stay grounded in what is actually important and not what is just a distraction of this life.But instead of working toward spirituality, many of us…

A happy marriage between two individuals whom Allah has also blessed with guidance upon Islam, which remains successful even with the passage of time and the traversal of trials, is one such blessing.

How to Protect Your Marriage from the Evil Eye

“O Allah, protect them both from the eye.” I make this silent dua for the young, attractive-looking married Muslim couple onscreen, as I watch them flirt with and tease each other in their vlog on YouTube. I cast a glance at the number of subscribers on their channel…

Bygones Are Bygones...Today Is All You Have

Bygones Are Bygones...Today Is All You Have

The greatest expectation and the ultimate hope of all people in this world is to lead a happy easy life. Indeed, seeking happiness has occupied most of the philosophers’ and thinkers’ minds but, actually, very few are those who have reached this happiness and achieved comfort in life. Therefore, this is a good recipe for …

There is a time and place for everything, including joking. There is also an audience for joking – and everyone should know that, especially when telling jokes and provoking laughter.

Halal Laughter and Muslim Happiness

Prophet Muhammad would insert a joke here and there during his life, to liven up the atmosphere even during difficult times for the Muslims. However, his jokes were kind in nature and he always spoke the truth. He never joked excessively to embarrass anyone…

The future of man depends on the quality and performance of his psychological state, through which the course of his life is shaped.

Your Life is the Product of Your Thoughts

Happiness or misery, peace or anxiety springs from within. You alone color your life bright or dark, the same way as a glass takes the color of the liquid it contains: “Whoever is content (with Allah’s Decree) will win His Good Pleasure, and whoever is discontent (with Allah’s Decree) will incur His Wrath.” (At-Thirmidhi)

Marriage - Not a Passing Adventure! It is a Life Relationship

Marriage - Not a Passing Adventure! It is a Life Relationship

There are three necessary conditions for every Muslim home to fulfill its mission. They are tranquility, love, and mercy. I mean by tranquility satisfaction. A husband should be totally satisfied by his wife and vice versa. Love is a mutual feeling that makes the relationship a happy and enjoyable one…

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