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Halal Romance In Islam

Tips on how to increase the love between spouses. For example the husband should send an sms to his wife from work to say he loves her. We need to try more halal romance!

Japanese Businesses Go Halal to Attract Muslims

Catering to the rising number of Muslim tourists, suppliers and travel agents in Japan are obtaining halal certification and converting their rest rooms into prayer rooms to break the record of 24 million arrivals received last year.

New Homestay Platform Accommodates Muslim Travelers

At a time of rising anti-Muslim sentiments, a faith-based homestay platform for Muslim travelers has attracted more than 3000 subscribers in the first month, offering an alternative to Airbnb where they often face discrimination.


How Much Halal is Your Eid Qurban?

Allah has sent a ram as a sacrifice to ransom for Prophet Ibrahim’s son Ismail (PBUH). We sacrifice qurban in the name of Allah and distribute their meat among families, friends and poor. Several Muslim communities perform the Eid Adha sacrifice at homes or outdoor just outside homes. But increasingly, qurban takes place in abattoirs, …

Marketing Halal Cosmetics

Marketing Halal Cosmetics

The cosmetics industry is a fickle, fashion driven thing, always looking at the next trend, idea and novelty.  So, what happens when your brand identify is not at all trivial? When it is about who you are?  How you live your life, and the laws and values you hold dear?  What happens when your brand …

Halal Is Clear & Haram Is Clear: Roadmap for Pure Heart

Let’s think about how important this concept is. Imagine you are a student; you are walking into the classroom and the teacher is just glaring at you. You are sitting at your desk; you are waiting for her to start talking yet she is just glaring at you. You have no idea what to do; she is frustrated and indicates that you should know what she wants. But you don’t know what you are required to do: should you open page five or page ten or should you start writing a journal?

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