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Regina Farm Embraces Diversity with Halal Meat

Kim MacDougall has had sheep for decades and he and his family have filled a niche need for Regina’s immigrant population by providing halal meat They started out butchering for a few close friends, but as Regina’s immigrant population grew, so did the market for halal meat. REGINA, Saskatchewan – A local farm in Regina, …

Halal Meat

Halal Meat - What Exactly Is It?

Halal meat is how the animal has been taken care of from birth to slaughter. It is not just about how it is slaughtered. Mufti Menk goes into detail about what exactly is Halal meat.

Islamic Center Feeds the Hungry in New York City

Islamic Center Feeds the Hungry in New York City

The Albanian Islamic Cultural Center in Staten Island partnered with Project Hospitality  to help feed the hungry by donating 1,000 pounds of goat meat. “A donation of this size means that we will be able to offer a great Halal option for those who are experiencing hunger who wish to honor their beliefs as well,” Trazy …

British Council Bans Unstunned Halal Meat from Schools

LANCASHIRE – Lancashire county council in UK voted on July 12 to stop providing halal meat from unstunned animals to school meals, The Guardian reported. The decision ignored the result of a public consultation in which 65% of respondents strongly disagreed with the proposal and just a third of respondents (33%) strongly agreed. Some 8,545 filled …

Halal Meat In Cambodia

It can be tricky to get halal meat in Cambodia because it is a mainly a Buddhist country. However, they may get their first certification very soon!


Can I Eat Non-Halal Meat in the UK?

In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful. All praise and thanks are due to Allah, and peace and blessings be upon His Messenger. In this fatwa: 1- You should try your best to seek a halal store, and you will find that there are some stores which provide high quality halal meat. 2- If you have …

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