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Businessman Sponsors Hajj for Needy Muslims

In a country where the majority lives below the poverty line, a Malawian Muslim businessman has been sponsoring hajj journey for needy and poor Muslims to Makkah, in a gesture many described as a “rare sacrifice”.

Saudi to Issue Pilgrims Smart Wristbands

Saudi Arabia has revealed plans to offer electronic identity bracelets to pilgrims during the annual hajj in September, to prevent any other hajj disasters after 2400 died in last year’s stampede.

Iran to Boycott Hajj 2016

Escalating tensions between the two country’s representing Sunni and Shiite Islam, Iran announced on Sunday, May 29, that it will not attend this year’s annual hajj, accusing its rival of failing to guarantee the safety of pilgrims.

Islam Through a Different Lens

Many people need to see Islam through a different lens to understand and appreciate the religion. This applies not only to non-Muslims, but also to Muslims. When Naveen traveled to Saudi Arabia, she saw Islam for how it was, not as the story the media presented. What was thought to be oppressive, was quite liberating. …

Impressed by Islamic Prayer

After becoming a Muslim I began to be more aware of what I was doing in life. Now I feel that God is always present, watching over me in everything that I do.

Transformed Makkah

It is a different Makkah.
This is how pilgrims saw the holy city which accommodates millions of Muslims from across the world seeking the ultimate spiritual journey of hajj.

Bishwa Ijtema Kicks Off in Bangladesh

Hundreds of thousands of Muslim devotees gathered on the banks of Turag River outside the Bangladeshi capital on Friday, January 8, to call for peace and a revival of Islamic tenets in the world’s second largest congregation after hajj.

Saudi Ends Hajj Quota Cut in 2016

As the expansions of the Grand Mosque are about to be completed, Saudi Hajj Ministry announced that pilgrim quotas for each country will increase starting from next hajj season, stressing that 2015 has witness the last cut in the number of pilgrims.

Snapchat Makkah Inspires Millions

MAKKAH – A video-sharing social media application has opened a window on Makkah on the celebration of Laylat Al-Qadr night, offering world Muslims a chance to change the perceptions others had of Islam through sharing millions of videos, photos and tweets. “I read a bunch of tweets from non-Muslims about how this little 300 second …

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