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You're Back From Hajj - Now What?

What does one aspire for or towards after Hajj? Do we merely return to our regular lives unaffected? Uninspired? One of the foremost thoughts a returning pilgrim has in mind is whether or not his or her hajj was accepted.

US Olympian Ibtihaj Reflects on Hajj Journey

MINA – Going to hajj this year, American Muslim Olympian Ibtihaj Muhammad said she was impressed to see how Islam united people coming from across the world to show devotion to one god and one faith. “It is something as a Muslim growing up and living in the US that you don’t get the opportunity …

What's After Hajj? (Special Page)

What's After Hajj? (Special Page)

Hajj is over. Now what’s after Hajj? How should we benefit from this season in our whole life? Check our special page: WHAT’S AFTER HAJJ? The page includes useful topics, inspiring tips and  answers for post-Hajj questions.

From MTV to Makkah: Kristiane Backer Performs Hajj

JEDDAH – Former MTV presenter Kristiane Backer went to Makkah this year to perform hajj, sharing her experience during the life-time journey in a video published last week, the Asharq Al-Awsat newspaper reported. In her interview with SPA, Backer praised the Kingdom’s efforts to offer improved services to pilgrims during hajj, admiring the huge change …

20 Inspiring Pictures of Worship… Provision from Hajj for a New Year

17 Inspiring Pictures from Hajj

One picture is worth a thousand words. Pictures of worship, prayers and duaa captivate the soul and soften the heart. This is why we are sharing this album. Few days ago, pilgrims bid farewell to Kabah as they finished Hajj. Within few days, we are receiving a new Hijri year. Between the two occasions, it …

What Happens After Returning From Hajj?

What Happens After Returning From Hajj?

For a person returning from Hajj, it is often a bit of shock to return to “regular life” upon returning home. The old habits and temptations come back, and one must be vigilant in changing one’s life for the better and remembering the lessons learned during the pilgrimage.

Nigerian Pilgrim Hailed for Returning N400,000 to Owner

JEDDAH – A Nigerian pilgrim has been praised as a role model for honesty after he returned the amount equivalent to N400,000 (about $1100) to Saudi owner; he found the sum in a toilet in Makkah. The pilgrim, Musa Edostu, is from Niger State, Naija.com reported. Nigerian newspaper, The Punch, reported that Edostu returned the …

Hajj Lessons to Take Home

Hajj Is Over... What Lessons to Take Home?

As the pilgrims have wrapped up their highly spiritual journey of Hajj, it is time to ponder over Hajj lessons that should be taken home. How daily life should be like following the performance of this great ritual of Islam? And how can Muslims, pilgrims and non-pilgrims alike, benefit from the deep meanings of this …

5 Ways to Maintain Your Hajj for Life

5 Ways to Maintain Your Hajj for Life

While you know that the real work of Hajj only starts once you get home – in that you need to live your Hajj for the rest of your life – the circumstances of normal life can soon erode all the ambitious plans you had for seeing through the rest of your days as one of Allah’s special people.

'I am Born Once Again': Pilgrims Give Praise as Hajj Ends Peacefully

MAKKAH – More than 2.3 million Muslim pilgrims will begin leaving the holy city of Makkah, concluding peacefully the last of the solemn rituals of the soul-searching journey of hajj. “I feel I am born once again,” Egyptian pilgrim Sabah Saeed, 49, told Reuters. “This is a great blessing from God and it makes you …

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