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Could Lassa Fever Threaten Nigeria’s Hajj?

LAGOS – The National Hajj Commission of Nigeria has dismissed earlier reports that Saudi government would be banning Nigerians from this year’s hajj after the spread of Lassa fever in 18 states. “The attention of the National Hajj Commission of Nigeria has been drawn to the publication on some social media platforms and some online …

The Qiblah and Unity of Muslim Nation

The Qiblah and Unity of the Muslim Nation

In the beginning of Islam Muslims prayed facing Baytul Maqdis in Jerusalem; a shared Qiblah between the Muslims and the Jews. Then not long after the migration to Madinah the Prophet received a divine order to change the Qiblah and pray towards Al-Masjid Al-Haram.

Malaysian Embarks on Cycling Journey to Makkah for Hajj

KULIM, Indonesia – A Malaysian Muslim has kicked off his life-time journey to hajj on Sunday, April 8, after years of planning and training to cross thousands of miles across the Asian continent on bicycle to reach the holy city of Makkah. “I first planned this seven years ago. And now, after two years of …

When I Took My Way to Madinah

We’re living in a high-speed vigorous world where spirituality, unfortunately, is not a priority. I have to confess that the mayhem of the modern life has taken me into deep heedlessness. The career plans, the growing materialistic demands, the gridlocked streets of Cairo, the breaking news that I follow on hourly basis since the start …

Historic Hajj Exhibition Concludes in Emirates

ABU DHABI – Visitors had a last chance on Monday, March 19, to take a look at the historic items of ‘The Hajj: Memories of a Journey’ Exhibition, held throughout six months at Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi to celebrate the legacy of the Muslims’ most profound spiritual journey. “About 1,000 visitors viewed …

Zamzam Renovation Planned Before Ramadan

MAKKAH — Saudi officials from the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah announced on Sunday that the ongoing Zamzam well renovation project would be finalized before Ramadan, Saudi Gazette reported. “About 50% of the work has already been completed and it’s progressing well,” Sheikh Abdul Rahman Al-Sudais, chief of the Presidency of the Two Holy Mosques …

Deed That Is Powerful More Than 5 Hajj

If we committed sins we will be punished. But if we make tawbah and then do good deeds after that without going back to the sin, it is a deed more powerful than 5 hajj!

All Your Deeds Will Be Nullified

Imagine you make hajj one year and each Ramadan you make itikaf, give a lot to charity and help orphans. If you die committing any act of shirk all of those beautiful deeds will be nullified.

Indebted Pilgrim Returns from Hajj Debt-Free

Taking the decision to perform hajj this year, the new financial difficulties that befell British Muslim Asif Uddin did not hold him back from going on with his planned pilgrimage to Makkah.

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