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Young Scholars among the Prophet’s Companions

Young Scholars Among the Prophet Muhammad’s Companions

Youth is a precious asset that most of us squander in useless pursuits, only to realize our mistake when it’s irretrievably gone. But the Companions of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) were not like that. And it’s by means of those who made the…

What Prophet Said When He Arrived in Madinah

What Prophet Said When He Arrived in Madinah

In an inspiring connection between our spiritual life and physical life, the Prophet lists praying at night along with feeding the hungry, greeting each other and maintaining family ties.

More Women In Hell Than Men - Hadith Explained

Dr. Yasir Qadhi discusses the hadith will there be more women in Hell than men? Prophet Muhammad (SAW) did not discriminate against women. This explanation is great! http://aboutislam.net/counseling/ask-about-islam/muslim-women-stay-houses/

These Seven Hadiths Show How Islam Views Women

These 7 Hadiths Show How Islam Views Women

The legacy of the period of ignorance regarding women before Islam was dire. Women back then were treated as objects rather than human beings. In some cultures, they were buried alive, inherited when a husband dies, or worse, practiced self-immolation to join a deceased husband in the next life. Islam radically changed this miserable situation …

16 Clever Tips to Share the Prophet Muhammad's Teachings

16 Clever Tips to Share Prophet Muhammad's Teachings

The goal of dawah is to share knowledge and information about the deen and to invite others towards a better understanding of the religion. This is because the faith of every individual is not determined by our family or our effort in trying…

Some Sixty Branches of Faith: Which One is the Best?! (Part 2/2)

So Many Good Deeds... How to Prioritize?

Editor’s note: How to tell if one deed is better and more rewarding than another? Dr. Wael Hamza discusses in this series a number of criteria that helps finding the answer.  In part 1 he highlighted the importance of  the heart actions and the essence of deeds. This part explores 5 more criteria to determine which …

This Hadith Will Help You Maintain Focus in Prayer

This Hadith Will Help You Maintain Focus in Prayer

How do I focus in Prayer? We all want to be focused in our Salah. Are there any specific things I can be doing to help myself concentrate more while I pray? Does one strategy work for everyone? Watch this short video by Imam Suleiman Hani for the answer More on Prayers: …

Prophet's Hadiths on Eclipses

Prophet's Hadiths on Eclipses

Lunar and solar eclipses used to give rise to superstitious beliefs that people adopted as explanations for the strange occurrence. A solar eclipse happened during the lifetime of the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him). It was a great chance for him to demolish some myths related to this phenomenon. People used to believe that eclipses happened due …

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