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Before Losing Your Kids

Before Losing Your Kids

“Brothers, I lost him – I lost my son!” In the introduction to his book, Even Angels Ask, Dr Jeffery Lang mentions this story about a religious man who was leading them in `Isha’ Prayer one night, and then conveys to them the sad news about his son, 16 years old, who has abandoned Islam …

The Prophet’s Mission and Structure

The prophetic educational methodology was sent down by God, for both moral and intellectual instruction, whose profitability depends on the individual. Just as land varies in its fertility and capability to absorb and benefit from rain, so does mankind in its capability to accept and benefit from this Revealed Knowledge.

Brief Introduction to the Quran

The message of the Quran is to say or believe that guidance that is coming from the Creator of the universe is the ultimate guidance, for God has the ultimate wisdom, power, and knowledge.

The Patient Me!

I was well aware that Allah’s mercy, the guidance of Islam, was the only reason I was now able to display such a self-possessed, unflappable calm as opposed to the transgressions of my impatient past. Not only had Islam satisfied my soul…

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