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Why Arrogance Is So Dangerous

Arrogance can lead us to reject every single verse in Quran or guidance from Allah. It leads us to question Allah, why hasn’t Allah guided me? Why hasn’t Allah done this for me? All of this is some kind of arrogance.

2 Types Of Guidance

We have been guided by Allah but we have to be careful of being complacent of this guidance. Allah guides us in the Quran but Shaytan is also trying to guide us the wrong way.

How Did Prophet Muhammad Deal with Refugees?

Prophet Muhammad himself was a refugee, when he, along with the majority of his followers, fled Makkah and sought refuge in Madinah. This is the most important migration in the history of Islam…

Easy Ways For Remembering Allah

Easy Ways For Remembering Allah

What is important here is not the words and utterances in themselves but rather the meanings and intentions thereof; therefore, such words as “Glory is to Allah”, “Praise is to Allah”, “There is no god but Allah” and “Allah is Greatest” are “the things that endure of good deeds”

Why God Commanded Us to Worship Him?

Why God Commanded Us to Worship Him?

Knowing God, His likes and dislikes, was the essence of what worship meant. As a result, man’s purpose in life was to worship God: to implement His commandments, to do what He liked and to abstain from what He disliked.

God Loves Guidance- Why Would He Misguide People?

God Loves Guidance- Why Would He Misguide People?

Why would God, the Most Merciful, misguide people if He didn’t like misguidance? Why would He misguide them, then take them into account for their deeds in the hereafter? God has given human beings many opportunities to recognize guidance.

God calling

How Can I Know What God Is Calling Me To Do?

Salam Brother, Thank you for your question and for contacting Ask About Islam. There are several pastors in the US who, through their sermons, instill into into the minds of their followers the idea that one can really hear God speaking to them, if only they have the right faith and attitude. Meanwhile, there are …

How to Pray Istikhara and How to Read the Decision?

Praying Istikhara - How to Read the Results?

The results of an istikhara prayer can take many forms. Basically, you go by your feelings, whether you now feel more favorable or not. Also, you may notice events have changed, either for what you have expected or not. Note that you must follow the results of an istikhara…

2 Practical Steps to Defeat Tricks of Satan

2 Practical Steps to Defeat Tricks of Satan

Ponder on the ways Satan tries to lead you on, and what he wants to achieve with you. Think long and hard about your own life – is the water-temperature increasing unawares? If so, put a stop to his maneuvers immediately, because the water may come to boil…

Allah Doesn’t Need Our Prayer - Why is it an Obligation?

It’s a profound moment. When you stand, face Makkah, and detach from existence by saying “Allah is greater”- greater than everything. The soul, mind, and body engage in a moment of transcendence known as salah, literally meaning a communication and connection…

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