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Confrontations Between Good and Evil Are Here to Stay

Confrontations Between Good and Evil Are Here to Stay

Following the New Zealand tragedy, much has been said and written about Islamophobia, hate, racism, extremism, etc. The causes, objectives and modi operandi of the unfortunate phenomena have been dealt with extensively and with different degrees…

4 Things Make a Good Person

4 Things Make a Good Person

A good Muslim ought to be kind-hearted and compassionate towards all of Allah’s creatures on earth. Treating your fellow human beings with dignity and respect, offering them financial and moral help whenever possible, protecting animals and the environment…

Never Be a 'Yes Man' - Make up Your Own Mind

Never Be a 'Yes Man' - Make Up Your Own Mind

A Muslim with a weak understanding of the deen is like a tree with no firm roots. As heavy winds uproot such a tree, a weak Muslim is conflicted during the times of personal crisis or trials. They are neither here nor there. Such a person is loss in an abyss with no purpose.

More Than We Can Bear: Facing Tests as Muslims

More Than We Can Bear: Facing Tests as Muslims

Faced with tragedy people respond in different ways: falling into depression, feeling angry, or even questioning how Allah could allow this to happen to us. “What have we done to deserve this?” we ask.

Why God Commanded Us to Worship Him?

Why God Commanded Us to Worship Him?

Knowing God, His likes and dislikes, was the essence of what worship meant. As a result, man’s purpose in life was to worship God: to implement His commandments, to do what He liked and to abstain from what He disliked.


Healing Power of Kindness (Infograph)

Kindness is a behavior marked by ethical characteristics, a pleasant disposition, and concern for others. It is known as a virtue, and recognized as a value in many cultures and religions.

The Pursuit of Happiness in Islam

How can we quench our thirsty souls while engrossed in vices? Vices mutate human bodies, transforming them into bestial ones, leaving no room for spirituality. A body without a soul is doomed for misery and at times even to suicidal thoughts.

Responding to Hostility with Good Manners

When someone is hostile towards you, anger is a natural response. However, just because you have been provoked gives you no excuse to react in a hostile manner. There is great wisdom in controlling anger, as succumbing to it can lead to a host of negative scenarios that are difficult to extricate yourself from.

The Quran Surprised Me

I decided to read the Quran. And the purpose of reading the Quran was because I wanted to learn what Muslims believed because I wanted to evangelize them so that they would become Christians. I knew that the Quran was the holy book of Muslims because I had read missionary literature that described the Quran and described Islam.

Searching for Comfort of the Heart?

It was the little actions I did that brought me joy in a time of much sorrow and hardship. But it was the big acts I did that brought miracles into my life. Every time I would give something, do something for someone for the sake of Allah, I always saw a return of that kindness in ways I never expected.

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