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On Meryl Streep, Hollywood Movies and Muslims

In her acceptance speech of the Cecil B DeMille Award – a lifestyle achievement award – at the Golden Globes, Hollywood Superstar, Meryl Streep, addressed the audience lamenting her dislike of President-elect Trump. A predictable and inevitable Twitter-storm followed where he whined, “Meryl Streep, one of the most over-rated actresses in Hollywood.” The morning after …


Clooney Speaks Out Against Islamophobia

BEVERLY HILLS – The Hollywood superstar George Clooney has spoken out against Islamophobia during his speech at Golden Globes, saying that the rising anti-Muslim fervor shouldn’t surge after Paris attacks that left 17 killed. “Right now we’re just all just trying to process. And I hope that we don’t overreact again,” Clooney said, HITFIX reported. …

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