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German State Halts Religious Lessons for Muslim Students

Muslim children have been denied the right to get religious lessons in schools in Germany’s most populated district North Rhine-Westphalia following a state court decision to ban Muslim associations from introducing these lessons.

German Minister Proposes Islamic Public Holidays

The German Interior Minister’s suggestion to recognize Islamic holidays in the country has won praise of the countries Muslim community, saying the move will further encourage Muslims’ integration in Germany.

Muslim Immigrants Fear Dim Future in Germany

The rise of Alternative for Germany (AfD) has been spreading fears among Muslim refugees in Germany, fearing the future as the far-right party enters the parliament capitalizing on anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim sentiments.

Rise of Far-right Worries German Muslims, Jews

For the first time in half a century, German voters on Sunday elected members of a far-right, nationalist party into parliament, diminishing the victory by Merkel’s conservative Christian Democratic Union party.

Muslims in Germany: Facts & Figures

Germany, which is holding a general election on Sunday, is Europe’s biggest economic power and the fourth largest in the world after the United States, China and Japan.

Study: German Muslims “Important Bridge Builders”

A German foundation released a study on Monday, March 27, revealing that nearly one in two German Muslims volunteer to help refugees integrate in the German community, describing them as “important bridge builders”.

German School Bans “Provocative” Muslim Prayer

A high school in Wuppertal, western Germany, letter stating that teachers should report names of Muslim students found praying at school has sparked outcry on social media, with many calling it a “prayer ban”.

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