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Real Talk: Can Men and Women Be "Just Friends"?

Short Answer: Yes, in the right context. “The issue is not dating or free mixing… it is the definition of friendship that we are trying to clarify here… You are allowed, in Islam, to have a relation of Islamic fraternity in the public sphere, while keeping Islamic manners…” If you have more feelings for this man than just “friendship” and …

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Muslim Women: "Stay In Your Houses"?

Short answer: Of course not. The wives of the Prophet, who were directly referenced (“Oh wives of the Prophet…”) did not take these verses literally and lived their normal lives, inside and outside the house. “On the contrary, like Muslim men, Muslim women can go out, learn, and work, provided that they observe decency and …

Prophet Musa and Opposite Sex Interactions

Prophet Musa and Opposite Sex Interactions

In Surat Al-Qasas, Allah Almighty recounts the journey of Prophet Musa (peace be upon him) when he ran away from Egypt after having accidentally killed a person by punching him. The journey took Prophet Musa to the water of Midian where he found a bunch of people giving water to their sheep and, beside them, …

How Do I Stop Flirting?

Asalamu Alaikum Fatma, Thank you for contacting About Islam with your question. You are in a difficult position living in a society that allows and even encourages people to have sex outside of marriage. I can barely imagine the pressures you must feel to be like everyone else and “enjoy yourself,” not having experienced such pressures …

Why Can't a Muslim Girl Have a Boyfriend?

Why Can't a Muslim Girl Have a Boyfriend?

Assalamu Alaykum Dear Sister, Thank you so much for asking this question and for contacting Ask About Islam. Simply put, Islam highly dignifies and protects women. Allah intends for women to be honored, respected and protected. He doesn’t intend for the woman to be the subject of a man’s fleeting whims and desires. Accordingly, in …

Quranic Concepts on Gender Relations

The essence of the Islamic paradigm is grounded on the concept of tawhid (i.e., monotheism), which refers to the belief in the oneness and uniqueness of Allah. The coherence of the central belief system in Islam is based on the relationship between the act of submission to Allah and its results in a state of peace …

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