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Palestinian Girl Dreams of Being Gaza’s First Olympic Swimmer

Palestinian Girl Dreams of Being Gaza’s First Olympic Swimmer

A 14-year-old girl from Gaza who has survived three wars as a child is a candidate for an Olympic swimming championship. Four years ago, Fatima Abu Shedeg was not only unable to swim but had never stepped in a swimming pool. Now she’s diving deep into training, dreaming of becoming the first athlete from Gaza …

Palestinian Woman Rebuilds Gaza Using Ash

Enraged by the massive destruction caused by Israeli wars on Gaza Strip, a Palestinian female engineer has decided to use her engineering experience to rebuild the seaside enclave. In 2016, Majd Mashharawi has joined her friend Rawan Abddllaht in inventing a new form of brick made from rubble and ash in order to rebuild the city. …

Muslims Extend Hands this Ramadan to Provide Water for Gaza

Muslims Extend Hands to Provide Clean Water for Gaza

This Ramadan,  Muslim groups are raising funds to help provide safe drinking water for thousands of people in Gaza which has been under blockade for more than a decade. Ilmfeed and  British charity, Muslim Aid are raising funds in order to provide 51 solar-powered water purification stations across Gaza. 96% of water in Gaza is unsafe to …

Growing up in Gaza

What’s It Like to Be a 13-year-old Growing up in Gaza?

What’s it like to be a 13-year-old growing up in Gaza strip? For Bilal, it means wheeling, getting used to the sound of drones in the sky, and rushing to finish homework before the usual power cut causes the lights to go out. For 70 years, the regional conflict has impacted the lives of generations …

Muslim Groups Are Organizing a Walk for Gaza Children

In an effort to help Palestinian children in the Gaza Strip, a group of Muslim activists are organizing a walk to draw attention to the plight of Israel-blockaded territory, where nearly two million people are living in miserable living conditions. According to Muslim Hands, over half a million Palestinian refugees in Gaza live in eight …

Is Gaza God's Will?

Asalam Alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh, Thank you for contacting About Islam with your question. The first point we need to stress in the context of the question is that we should have some idea of what we mean by “man’s freewill” and “God’s (Allah’s) will”. The question of people’s destiny and their freedom of …

Lauren Booth Joins Orphans for Umrah Journey of Lifetime

This is the third year of Islamic Help’s annual Umrah For Orphans project. I will be alongside the children and the widowed mothers, many of whom despite hardships and managing large families alone, have also memorized the Holy Qur’an, every step of the way.

Teacher Gaza

Down Syndrome Teacher Inspires Her Disabled Students

Exceptional personalities are needed to move people and make a memorable mark. Hiba Al Sharfa is one of those exceptional people. Looking at her can give a glimps of her struggles and also her lifelong effort to become a teacher with down syndrome. She is making her mark by teaching students with the same disability …

Lauren Booth’s Spiritual Journey to Islam

The stories moved her to tears. They were in stark contrast to what she saw in her own society. She knew of no one in her circle – not a single English man or woman – who was looking after his or her family. Children showed no sympathy toward their aging parents…

Down to Earth - With a Bump

The gap between how good we all manage to be and what we should be, was simply made clear. The natural goodness of those around me has become something I now take for granted.

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