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How to Regain the Light and Peace in my Heart?

Short Answer:  When we neglect to feed our hearts and souls, we feel dry from the inside and we miss the moments of peace and light we once had when our hearts were connected with Allah. The following 8 suggestions will help us regain His Light In-Shaa-Allah. _____________________________________ Salam Dear Reader, Thank you so much for …

Chicago Muslims Launch Hijab Billboard Campaign

OAKBROOK TERRACE – With billboards that draw a similarity between Islamic hijab and the veiled Virgin Mary, a Muslim group from Chicago launched a billboard campaign on Monday to inform people about hijab in Illinois. “Wearing the hijab is 100% my choice. As contrary to the popular belief, hijab in no way oppresses us. In …

Finding Islam on a Chicago Bus

GainPeace role does not end with educating people about Islam. When a person embraces Islam, the group appoints a Big Brother or Big Sister, who becomes a mentor for the new Muslim, providing information, support and advice.

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