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Save Yourself - Episode 20

Save Yourself - Episode 20

In this episode Mufti Menk teaches us how we can be friends with Allah. Ibrahim was a very close friend to Allah. How? He simply followed what Allah told him to do. What is halal is halal and what is haram is haram. We must stick to this, it is that simple. He also reminds …

Converted To Islam Because Of Ramadan Prayer

Converted To Islam Because Of Ramadan Prayer

Sister Christina always have a spiritual connection with God when she was a Catholic. She went to university and met some Muslim friends who took her to Ramadan prayer (Taraweeh). She felt a deep connection that night when she saw the prayer and even joined in the prayer. From there it led her to accept …

Can boys be friends with girls?

Can Boys be Friends with Girls? (Video)

We are just friends! That is the pretext used by many teenagers to justify indulgence in forbidden relationships that yields no fruits. But could boys and girls really maintain pure love? And what are the chances for such love to develop into a sound marriage rather than deviates to wrong affairs? Sheikh Omar Suleiman starts …

What if Your Friend is Backbiting You?

What if Your Friends are Backbiting You?

Answer:  As-Salamu ‘Alaikum dear sister, Ma sha’ Allah, at such a young age, the fact that you are seeking the right way to handle a problem is an example for everyone to follow. Instead of planning against your friend who is backbiting you and creating differences between you and your two close friends, you have …

No Chance Without My Friend

As salamu ‘alaykum, Dear brother, I think your situation is a good example of what happens when we engage in intimate relationships with the opposite sex and how things can develop beyond our control. Naturally, after being in a ‘working’ relationship with this young woman for 2 years, you developed feelings for one another. This …

New Muslims: Keep Going

Remember that you are on a spectacular path that not many people travel, not even many born Muslims. And for your struggle to become closer to Allah, Allah will come closer to you.

Can Allah Be My Best Friend?

Can Allah Be My Best Friend?

Answer: As-Salamu ‘Alaykum sister, Fiends are very important in our lives. It is a natural human desire to want to have a few close friends and, of course, a best friend to do things with, count on, and more importantly trust. You stated that after your completion of your studies you stopped talking to your …

A Trip to Egypt - My First Step to Islam

A Trip to Egypt - My First Step to Islam

I really can’t tell why I was attracted to faith and religion especially more than ever before, and why I didn’t try to fill the hole I felt inside me with finding a new hobby or a new group of friends; my heart pulled me towards God…

When Should I Declare My Conversion to Islam?

When should you say your Shahadah? My general answer to this is ‘when your heart feels at peace with your decision’. That will be the time that God has opened your heart and allowed it to know that you are ready to do it. At this time you will be surer than you’ve been of anything that this is the right time.

New Muslim Friendships; Islamic Style - 2

If you find yourself slipping into a friendship with someone you’re attracted to, and you find yourself finding excuses to contact them, to have private conversations or meet them alone – even if this is under the pretext of inviting them to Islam or working on an Islamic project – check yourself to see if you are becoming a Khadn.

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