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Muslim Group Feeds Sydney's Needy 6 Days a Week

The Brothers in Need initiative is a volunteer-led project which feeds needy people in Sydney, Australia six days a week. Up to 40 people who give up their free time to help, feed around 300 people in Queensland & New South Wales. The Muslim group initiative that started in 2015 states its mission to help the needy wherever …

American Muslims Giving out Food in NYC During Ramadan

Muslims Giving out Food in NYC During Ramadan

These two young men wanted to give back to the community so they went to New York City to hand out snacks to the public. They also distributed pamphlets explaining what is Ramadan and why it’s special to Muslims. Ramadan is a blessed month where the rewards for all of our good deeds are multiplied. In …

Muslim welfare centre

Muslim Welfare Centre Offers Free Meals in Toronto

A Muslim welfare center in Toronto is hosting weekly halal meals every Sunday to feed poor residents of all ethnicities and faiths in the city. Hundreds of people gather at the meals, hosted by the Muslim Welfare Center at the Christian Resource Center in Regent Park, in cooperation with Regent Meals program. A variety of services by …

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