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Paris to Prevent Muslim Street Prayers

The French Interior minister announced on Sunday, November 19, that the authorities will stop Muslims from praying in the streets in a Paris suburb, promising to find an alternative for Muslim worshippers.


Convert's View on Relation Between Islam & Science

Dr. Bruno Abd-al-Haqq Guiderdoni is a French Muslim astrophysicist. He’s specialized in galaxies and has published more than 140 papers in astronomy. Guiderdoni serves as Director of the Observatory of Lyon, France. Besides his extensive writings on science, he has also published around 60 papers on Islamic theology. He’s also currently the Director of the Islamic Institute …

Helping Homeless People During Ramadan In Paris

Helping Homeless People During Ramadan In Paris

Meet Rachid, an inspirational young man, who set up a charity called “At The Heart Of Precarity” He and volunteers go round the homeless in Paris and provide them food and drink. He wants to change the view of Muslims in France!

Skeptic Muslims Receive Macron with Sigh of Relief

A few miles away from Paris celebrations after Emmanuel Macron won France’s presidential elections, residents of the largely-Muslim suburbs or “banlieues” received the news with a skeptic sigh of relief, ending fear of Marine Le Pen.

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