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French Presidential Candidate Meets Muslim Leaders

Independent centrist candidate Emmanuel Macron, who was at the top of a recent poll, reached out to the Muslim community for solutions, stressing that secular tradition should not be used to target Muslims.

French Muslims Dilemma, to Vote or not to Vote

French Muslims Dilemma, to Vote or not to Vote

A few days before the first round of elections, many French Muslims are still undecided on whom to pick as the republic’s next president for five years, with many divided between indecision and abstention.

Mediterranean Sea

Mediterranean Diet (Infograph)

The Mediterranean Countries are Albania, Algeria, Bosnia, Croatia, Cyprus, Egypt, France, Greece, Italy, Lebanon, Libya, Malta, Morocco, Monaco, Montenegro, Palestine, Slovenia, Spain, Syria, Turkey, and Tunisia.

“You’re dishonouring the Prophet of God. These people have done nothing and they are to be protected.”

The Muslim Leader Who Protected Christians

That is Islam, that’s why I’m Muslim… it’s not for all this madness out there, it’s because of people like that. Because that’s the embodiment of the Prophet’s Sunnah. To follow sunnah is not about long beard and short robes, it’s that magnanimity of character, the ability to not want vengeance, not have that resentment because he saw God.

Muslims Attend Slain Priest's Church Reopening

Muslims Attend Slain Priest's Church Reopening

Muslims joined a special mass where an elderly priest was killed last July, rejecting violence in the name of religion and stressing their support for mutual interfaith relations between followers of both faiths.

French police secure the area after a man was shot dead at a police station in the 18th district in Paris

Muslim Woman Shot Dead in France

A hijabi Muslim woman was killed while sitting in her car in Pantin, Seine-Saint-Denis, on Friday night, after a shooter fired five bullets, killing her immediately.

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