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Helping Homeless People During Ramadan In Paris

Helping Homeless People During Ramadan In Paris

Meet Rachid, an inspirational young man, who set up a charity called “At The Heart Of Precarity” He and volunteers go round the homeless in Paris and provide them food and drink. He wants to change the view of Muslims in France!

Skeptic Muslims Receive Macron with Sigh of Relief

A few miles away from Paris celebrations after Emmanuel Macron won France’s presidential elections, residents of the largely-Muslim suburbs or “banlieues” received the news with a skeptic sigh of relief, ending fear of Marine Le Pen.

French Muslim: Why Macron Must Win

Emilie, a French Muslim revert, has a hard choice to make in the French presidential election. The concern is shared by almost two million French Muslim voters, who will have to choose between the centralist, ex-banker, Emmanuel Macron, and the far-right candidate, Marine Le Pen.

French Presidential Candidate Meets Muslim Leaders

Independent centrist candidate Emmanuel Macron, who was at the top of a recent poll, reached out to the Muslim community for solutions, stressing that secular tradition should not be used to target Muslims.

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