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10 Benefits of Asking God’s Forgiveness

10 Benefits of Asking God’s Forgiveness

As for the effect that beseeching Allah’s forgiveness has on our fears, worries, and difficulties, one thing all rational people from all nations and faith traditions agree upon is that sins and corruption cause anxiety, fear, and depression, as well as diseases of the heart.

Save Yourself - Episode 21

Save Yourself - Episode 21

Mufti Menk tells us how the angels are constantly praying for us. When we pray to Allah to seek forgiveness, the angels constantly tell Allah that this one is seeking forgiveness. They ask Allah to save us from Hell fire when we repent to Allah. We learn lessons from Al Mu’minun.


Learning the Prophet's Kindness and Compassion

“He who has no compassion will receive none.” Making it known that not having compassion is not a strength, and it will also not be shown to those who are bereft of it. If we really think about this, it is a scary premise because there will come a time when we need, desperately need compassion and kindness…

Turn Back Now- Allah Forgives All Sins

Turn Back Now: Allah Forgives All Sins

Allah’s forgiveness & mercy is much more vast than His wrath. The greatest barrier that usually prevents a sinner who wants to turn back to Allah, from sincerely repenting, however, is the cunning insinuations of Satan. He works hard to dissuade them…


Forgive & Seize the Days of Forgiveness

Ramadan is the month in which Allah SWT blesses His people with infinite bounties and showers His blessings more than any other time throughout the year. During this month, all Muslims seek forgiveness and repentance. Ramadan offers an opportunity to seek Allah SWT’s forgiveness  and to wash off our sins. Importance of Forgiveness in Islam …

Stories of Forgiveness in Ramadan

Stories of Forgiveness in Ramadan

After all, who am I to withhold forgiveness if I am so in need of it myself? But sometimes people do things that are just so intentionally hurtful that it tries even my forgiving nature. My brother is one of those people. He is the kind of person who you just don’t know where his intentions are coming from.

Forgiveness: The Gift in the Middle of Ramadan

Forgiveness leaves a telling tale in the hearts of believers as believing in God entails that God will forgive our wrongdoings, if we ask forgiveness. And God provides these special 10 days to go ahead and repent from our sins in order to be forgiven.

Take a Minute to Think This Ramadan

Take a Minute to Think This Ramadan

Jarir (may Allah be pleased with him) reported that the Prophet said, “Allah does not show mercy to whoever does not show mercy to people.” (Al-Bukhari) Maybe we have all heard this hadith at some time, but it is really something to think about during the blessed month of Ramadan. One of the reasons we …

Will Allah Ask Us About Sins We Repented From

Will Allah Ask Us About Sins We Repented From?

Salam Dear Tasha, Thank you for your question and for contacting Ask About Islam. To answer your question briefly if we ask forgiveness from Allah for our sins then they will be completed erased as if they didn’t happen. However, this is not the only way for our sins to be erased. Abu Hurairah (May Allah …

Allah’s Message to the Sinners

It was once white until man touched it, turning it black. The black stone changed color due to the sins of man. Every son of Adam comes into this world unlearned and thus, free of sin.

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