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4 Ways to Heal a Wounded Heart

4 Ways to Heal a Wounded Heart

Maggie still doesn’t feel healed. Instead, sometimes the hurt feels as fresh as it used to be when she was first wounded. Why? Because Maggie won’t let it heal. She keeps picking at her hurt. She picks at it every time she tells herself that she should forgive them…

4 Reasons Why Forgiveness Is Good for the Soul

4 Reasons Why Forgiveness is Good for Your Soul

One thing that really helps me in forgiving others is to remind myself of my own shortcomings, and the times that I’ve messed up by hurting others or my own self. Yet I still hope and expect that Allah will forgive me, because He is the Most Merciful.

If Allah Won't Forgive You, Who will

If Allah Won't Forgive You, Who will?

You can sin for 20, 30, 40 years of more but as soon as you reach out to repent to Allah, He will forgive you. So if Allah won’t forgive you, who will?

Allah Won't Forgive You!

Allah Won't Forgive You!

Allah won’t forgive you! These are the words from Shaitan and not Allah. Allah says He will forgive all sins, so never give up hope!

This is Why You Should Forgive People

This is Why You Should Forgive People

Why did I say that don’t tell people, ‘I will meet you on the Day of Judgment’? Because that was one case that you had with one man. Now, come all the other cases that you have, another three and a half thousand cases that you have… When Allah looks at…

I Forgive Those Who Hurt Me

I Forgive Those Who Hurt Me - An Inspiring Story

The Prophet’s exemplary character and his personal example left a deep impression on his companions. No one exemplified the gentleness and the generosity of the Prophet in life more than his closest companion, Abu Bakr Al-Siddiq.

Divorce isn't the Solution of Problems!! Forgive Your Spouse

Divorce isn't the Solution of Problems - Forgive Your Spouse

Calm down. It’s a very big matter. Calm down and then see what they are saying. If they show a speck of remorse, you need to extend your hand, the hand of mercy. Yes, if there’s no remorse whatsoever, you might want to deal with it differently…

The Best Part About Ramadan

The Best Part About Ramadan

That’s a scary message, but there’s also a positive light that therefore the bar has been lowered so much, that everybody who puts in the effort, everybody who tries and attempts to have his sins forgiven will indeed have his sins forgiven. That is the beauty and the blessedness of this month.

10 Special Days When Allah Forgives All Sins

10 Special Days of Forgiveness: When God Forgives All Sins

Forgiveness leaves a telling tale in the hearts of believers as believing in God entails that God will forgive our wrongdoings, if we ask forgiveness. And God provides these special 10 days to go ahead and repent from our sins in order to be forgiven.

Repel An Odious Act By That Which is Better

Stories on Forgiveness - Would You Forgive a Wrongdoer?

Naturally, when someone wrongs us, we may feel very angry and vengeful. We ask ourselves, “How could he do this to me?” We might decide never to talk to the person again, or to give him back what we got. These are all natural reactions, and Allah knows that we feel them.

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