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Will Month-Long Ramadan Fasting Affect World Cup Stars?

MOSCOW – Despite being unable to eat or drink during daylight hours throughout Ramadan, Muslim footballers ready to compete in the 2018 World Cup confirmed that training sessions initially weren’t an issue in that international window. Commenting on this issue, Roel Coumans, former conditioning coach to then-Saudi Arabia manager Bert van Marwijk in 2017, believes …

Muslim Teams Between Ramadan and World Cup

MOSCOW – The Egyptian ambassador to Russia, Ihab Nasr, said on Sunday, June 10, that Ramadan doesn’t disrupt the physical preparations of the Egyptian squad for the FIFA World Cup, as the players are fasting during daylight hours. “All the Egyptian players are observing Ramadan in spite of the fatwa that allows them to postpone …

First Hijabi Referee Makes History in the UK

LONDON – As the football season draws to a close, Jawahir Roble has made history, becoming the first female Muslim referee in the UK, and she also wears hijab. “When I first turned up to the match you could hear some boys just giggling, “No way she is the ref?! no!”,” Roble, who is commonly …

Staffordshire Charity Launches Ramadan Football League

BURTON – A local charity in Burton city, East Staffordshire, England announced on May 1 the launch of its first Ramadan football league, to extend bridges with all groups in the community and add fun to the day of their fasting Muslim neighbors. “We’re pleased that through the Premier League charitable fund grant we were …

British Referee Stops Match for Adhan

A British referee has won huge praise from Muslim football fans after he stopped a Saudi Arabia cup match out of respect for the Adhan, the Muslim call to prayers.

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