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Rohingya Refugees in India Help Flood Victims

DELHI – Experiencing the fight for life in their country, Rohingya football players of Shine Star FC at refugee camps in Delhi, India, have extended their hands to help flood victims in the south Indian state of Kerala, Anadolu Agency reported on September 3. “Though our camp is in Delhi we receive a lot of …

Catholic Priest Gives Sermon in Mosque, Thanks Muslims for Help during Floods

KERALA – Hundreds of Muslim worshipers in a mosque in the south Indian state of Kerala  were taken by surprise when a Catholic priest took the podium to thank Muslims for help during floods, Hindustan Times reported Monday. “I cannot express my gratitude to them in words. That much help and support they had extended during …

Kerala Floods Kill Hundreds, Displace Thousands (Help Now)

More than 350 have died and about 800,000 people have been displaced  due to the worst flooding in a century in Kerala state of southern India. As the rain eases, rescuers  continue to search for those stranded in the worst-affected areas. Indian authorities said Sunday Weeks of heavy monsoon rains that started August. 8 have triggered floods and …

Watch: Muslim Volunteers Help in Thai Cave Rescue

MAE SAI – A huge military rescue operation is underway, which includes Muslim officers and civilians, racing against the clock to save 12 Thai boys and their football coach who have been trapped in a cave in Chiang Rai, Thailand, for two weeks, BBC reported on July 8. Sophia Thaianant, who leads the volunteering Muslim …

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Why Pray For Rain? Floods Kill, Too!

Short Answer: Prophet Muhammad taught his companions the prayer for asking for rain, and also asking that the rain would only be beneficial and not harmful. Thus it covers both situations: no rain and excessive rain.  Peace be upon you, dear reader, Thank you for sending us your question, and we hope that you get an answer …

Kashmir Muslims Save Hindu Pilgrims' Lives

Showing true compassion of Islam, Kashmiri Muslims rushed to help Hindu pilgrims after flash floods removed their camps, when they were heading to Amarnath shrine, saving their lives.

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