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Important Tips for New Muslims During Ramadan

Important Tips for New Muslims During Ramadan

Short Answer: Fasting is not intended as hardship. Make lots of du’aa as supplication is the essence of worship. Remember Allah often as this is a great way to strengthen your connection with Allah. Don’t be overwhelmed. Allah appreciates every effort that you do for His sake and He will reward you for it. No difficulty …

Ramadan as a New Muslim

How to Make the Best of Ramadan as a New Muslim?

Short Answer: The focus during fasting in Ramadan is on feeding the soul. Ramadan is a month when Allah expiates believers past sins, and opens the wide doors of Paradise. Remember while reading the Quran, try to reflect on its beautiful deep meanings as reflecting on the Quran is a major act of worship. _____________________________________ Salam (Peace) …

How Many Hours My 7-Year-Old Should Be Fasting?

In this counseling answer: •Firstly, give the choice to him at first. Let that be a way that he can also get involved. If he is the one to make the choice it will also give him more motivation to maintain the fast. •Perhaps he could test one option for a couple of days and …

Stories of Converts’ First Ramadan

Stories of Converts' First Ramadan (Folder)

For new Muslims who are fasting for the first time this Ramadan, we prepared this folder which contains many interesting stories, reflections, and memories of reverts who shared their experiences of fasting.

Simple Steps to Get Ready for Ramadan (Exclusive Video)

Simple Steps to Get Ready for Ramadan (Exclusive Video)

Let me tell you about my first Ramadan. I wasn’t Muslim at all. I was teaching in a school in London, and the pupils, many of them were Muslim, approached me and said: “Sir, we’ve got nowhere to pray in Ramadan and your room is the only room with a carpet”…

My First Ramadan - Sister Safia's Story

Sister Safia accepted Islam in 1971. During her first Ramadan, she found fasting easy because she was previously Catholic and knew how to fast! MashAllah! Stories of Converts’ First Ramadan (Folder)

How Can New Muslims Increase Their Spirituality

How Can New Muslims Increase Their Spirituality?

Short Answer:  Increasing sunnah prayers and reading the Quran in Ramadan are among the deeds which help us increase in spirituality. But there are more small good deeds new converts can do. Ablution is a gift that has been given to us to help us prepare for our meeting with Allah, so try to focus more …

My First Ramadan Was Very Enlightening

My First Ramadan Was Very Enlightening

My first Ramadan truly showed me how blessed I was. The fact that I was able to get excited to break my fast at the end of the day and truly spend a good amount of hours trying to decide between which meals I would like to cook, while others do not have any options, is a blessing in itself.

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