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8 Organizations that Help Refugees Find Jobs in Europe

8 Organizations that Help Refugees Find Jobs in Europe

With the influx of immigrants seeking refuge in Europe since 2015, finding jobs for the newcomers has been a high priority. There have been a number of government-assisted and citizen-initiated accelerator programs to help these newcomers settle into their new homes, build professional networks and find mentors and jobs. Below is a list of some …

I Can’t Find a Job; I’m Anxious

In this counseling answer: “If you are anxious, depressed and fearful, it will be counter-productive to your job search. If you don’t have a support system in place and encouraging friends, you will have difficulty finding resources and help should you need it. If your relationship with Allah is suffering because you think He has left …

Former Refugee Helps Newcomers Find Jobs in Canada

Hoping to provide a helping hand to newcomers, a former refugee has launched a website to help refugees find jobs in the Canadian province of Winnipeg. “I feel for the refugees. I know how they feel,” Omar Rahimi said. “I know what they’ve been through. I can feel their families. They are so happy to …

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