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Do You Know What is Tasbih Fatimah? The Dua to Boost Your Energy!

What is Tasbih Fatimah? The Dua to Boost Your Energy!

One time Fatimah went to complain her husband, Ali, about how exhausting and tiring the housework has become on her. Ali and Fatimah were very poor actually. Unlike many other homes, they had no money to afford to have a servant or a maid to help out in the housework.

Muhammad & Fatimah - The Perfect Father-Daughter Relationship

Muhammad & Fatimah - The Perfect Father-Daughter Relationship

We know from modern psychology that father-daughter relationships have a great impact on the lives of both parties. Daughters learn what kind of man they should bond and form relationships with from their fathers. And fathers learn how to be gentle, patient, and loving from their daughters.[i] There is no greater father-daughter relationship than that …

Fatimah - The Favorite Daughter of the Prophet

Story of Fatimah - The Favorite Daughter of the Prophet

Fatimah cared for the needy, giving them food when she was already suffering from hunger. She often cooked for the soldiers and helped to boost morale. She inherited the great generosity of the Prophet as well as his eloquence, as she often moved people to tears when she spoke.

The Prophet's Love for Girls

The Prophet’s Love For Girls

Prophet Muhammad has clearly demonstrated that a girl is not a matter of humiliation to a family. On the other hand, she is a matter of pride. A man who brings up his daughters in a proper way will be among those who have the honor of standing close to the Prophet on the Day of Judgment.

Fatimah - The Prophet’s Beloved Daughter

Fatimah the daughter of Prophet Muhammad, in particular, was a young girl during the time Islam was introduced. So from her youth — as a daughter, later a wife and a mother — the perfection of a Muslim as defined by Islam surfaces through Lady Fatimah…

On The Prophet's Family: Fatimah and Ali

Asalamu Alaikum Masooma, Thank you for contacting About Islam with your question. Answering your question gives us the opportunity to talk about two of the greatest figures in our Islamic history. While today’s world looks for sensational stories and for stars who put themselves at the forefront of the day’s news by any means, these two …

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