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Irresponsible Father, Ask for Divorce?

In this counseling answer: “If your husband just doesn’t care about you and the kids, you have a right to a divorce and maybe you should get one. In either case, you will need to choose to divorce him or suffer it out, hoping for your reward from Allah in the Next life (and maybe …


Father Does Not Want to Work!

In this counseling answer: “If your husband refuses to go for help, then you need to make a decision on what you desire regarding this marriage and explore your options. If you have a family you can stay with, then perhaps a separation will make him realize the seriousness of his lack of working and …


I Hate My Dad!

 In this counseling answer: “If we cannot learn to forgive, then this will be the result of our choice. Despite the injustices that we believe to have suffered, returning hurt to our parents for the hurt they caused us will not make the hurt we feel go away. Pain only brings about more pain.” As …


A Rebellious Son & an Absent Father

As-salamu`alaykum, sister. Your interpretation of your son’s rebellious behavior as a result of missing his father is true according to social research and Muslim scholars’ opinions. Mufti Ibrahim Desai says: As an introduction, we should understand that our children are a trust of Allah upon us. He has ordered us to fulfill the rights of this …

The Important Role of Dad

The Important Role of Dad

In this counseling answer: The father can be directly involved in all the same tasks as the mother in raising children, from getting them ready in the morning, educating them and playing with them. Wa ’Alaikum Salaam wa Rahmatulahi wa Barakatuh, This is a is a good question. As you say, we often hear about …


My Husband Hits Our Children

 As-salamu `Alaikum Dear sister, I am assuming that your husband’s manner in dealing with your kids is a result of how he himself was raised. If not, I would be rather surprised. From what you said, it sounds as if he goes to the extremes in disciplining your children. Corporal punishment can be used judiciously and …


I Discovered She Is Not My Daughter!

 As-Salamu `Alaikum dear brother, I am so sorry to hear of this horrible situation that you have found yourself in.  Your situation has so many layers and so much that is not truly known except to Allah. You found out that she is not your daughter through a DNA test that is accurate, and when you …


Dad, You Are a Miserable Parent

As-salamu `Alaikum dear son, Thank you for writing to us. Here are some thoughts for your consideration. First, Allah Most High has ordained that parents and children have certain mutual rights and responsibilities towards one another. Among these are that the children will respect the parents and be merciful towards them and in turn the …


Father Has No Role at Home

As-salamu `Alaikum, Thank you for writing to us with this very difficult situation. We make du`aa’  to Allah Most High to grant you guidance and patience as you attempt to bring this issue with your husband to a resolution. Here are some thoughts for your consideration. First, Allah Most High has commanded us to marry …


A Bad Father is Better Than No Father?

As-Salamu ‘Alaykum wa Rahmatullah dear sister, This is, indeed, a difficult question to answer, especially because I am unaware of the character of your husband and what exactly he encourages your children to do. The other thing to consider is that whatever he is calling them to, he can do that even if you are …

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